Rimmel Lycra Pro Gold Infusion Nail Polish

I'm wearing Rimmel's Gold Infusion nail varnish this week in an attempt to lift my mood. My bf's ill and he's gone home, and I'm leaving for the holidays this Friday, which means I won't be seeing him much before I leave... We haven't even celebrated an 'early Christmas' :( I know its not his fault he's ill.. but still, I can't really help being a bit lonely right? And to wish that.. well.. wish he wasn't ill so we could hang out before I leave. Oh well..

So I've been into golds lately ~ eyeshadow, eyeliner ~ and now I'm wearing this really pretty nail polish. I've gotten compliments from my friends today. And for the purpose of lifting my spirits.. I guess its working. Just a bit though.

But at least I'll be with my family soon. A few more days and I'll be back home again ~~

Would you wear this shade of nail polish?

What are you looking forward to the most this Christmas? ♥

And oh before I forget, Erica is hosting a lovely giveaway here!


  1. What a pretty nail color! I LOVE gold ^^

    I don't seem to be in the mood for Christmas. I don't know why, I'm feeling blotchy and lazy, and I'm easily getting angry at everybody for nothing! Maybe I'm stressed for university? But I don't think so... anyway, I'll take example from you, and I'll go paint my nails... yellow! I'll try to post pictures when I'll have a better lighting (=

  2. I've kinda been obsessed with gold too lately, and I'm already wondering how soon I can get my hands on that nail Polish. :) it looks so cute so yes, I would definitely wear it.
    This Christmas I'm looking forward to family, food, and presents (giving and receiving).
    And I hope you feel better!!

    PS. I'm so glad I found your blog, you give the most detailed reviews!

  3. @Gaby- Yellow sounds like a fun colour! Hope that lifts your spirits too. Hmm.. it may be University?. The weather?.. or.. could it be that time of month? lol. I'll have a look at your nails once you have it posted!! x

  4. @Sanders- I hope you get your hands on this nail polish soon :) It is very pretty. I'm looking forward to all the Christmas food too.. :) I'm glad you found my blog! x

  5. Shiny and metallic, looks great on you! Such a pretty color too!

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  7. hmm looks yum! I tagged you for an award on my blog hun :)

  8. Lovely! Haven't seen this one before, will need to look out for it. Nice and Christmassy. :)


  9. @Shifa- Oh thank you so much for the award~! ♥

  10. @LionLovingTiger- Yes it's very pretty. I think it may be only available in Superdrug *and not in Boots* but I'm not sure :) xx


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