Princesa Livia's First Giveaway - Winners!!!

Exciting isn't it?? First of all, I'd like to thank each and every one of you who has participated in my first giveaway! I was so thrilled at the number of responses, and the number of new friends I've made in the process!! Thank you once again! ♥

Now down to business~~ I've used Random.org to pick me 2 numbers between 1 and 163~ Then I looked at the corresponding comment and checked whether you followed instructions and posted my giveaway on your blog! So congratulations to these two bloggers .... *drum roll please*

The Sleek Sunset palette goes to ~

Kimi Takashi from http://renjitehsmex.livejournal.com/107980.html

The Sleek Graphite palette goes to ~

Congratulations gals! I have sent you an e-mail to ask your postal addresses, however as part of my rules again, you will have to reply within 24 hours otherwise I will have to pick another winner xx


  1. nice blog! I am now following you!


  2. @She Got Style- Welcome to my blog! And thanks!x

  3. Well done!
    So jealous.. I can't seem to find Sleek around by me :/

  4. @Abbie- Oh, that's unfortunate that you haven't found Sleek yet.. have you checked all your nearby Superdrug stores? xx

  5. congrats to the winners :)

  6. congrats winners! Those sleek palettes look amazing

  7. woooots... congrats to the winners!


  8. Congratz to the two lucky girls!! =] Enjoy the lovely prizes! ^.^



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