Naked Ooh La La Coco de Mer Body Wash Review

I was sent this body wash to try out, and I decided to post a review. It's called Naked's Ooh La La Coco de Mer Body Wash! Its pink and smells of coconut - yum!!

I've never heard of the brand Naked before, but the PR told me that this brand uses mostly natural ingredients for its products, which sounds good right? But honestly I'm skeptical about this 'natural' business since most cosmetic chemicals ARE probably natural when discovered, and just reproduced in mass amounts using chemical reactions, to achieve the same exact compound - if that makes sense? And just because its synthetic (not natural) it doesn't mean its bad, some natural ingredients may be even worse. Take some herbal medicines compared to pharmaceutical medicines for example... some herbal meds contain say most of a plant that's known to produce an effect but this includes the good AND harmful bits of the plant, whereas pharm meds extract only the good stuff and that's all you take in! Anyway,... let's not get carried away! Now back to the review ~ :)

According to the Naked website about Ooh La La Coco der Mer Body Wash:
This creamy bliss bodywash has an intoxicating fragrance blended with moisturising coconut derivatives and passion flower extract for irresistibly soft, naked skin.

My review:
This liquid body wash is coloured pink (pretty!) and smells of sweet coconut (yum!). Its consistency's more on the runny side I think, as opposed to being thicker, so the soap & suds don't hold on my skin long - which I don't like...and why I prefer bars instead of liquid for soap (just my opinion!). After using it, it does leave me soft skin, however I don't think its particularly good at moisturising, especially for dry skins (like mine). I still prefer my HG soap (Dove!♥) for that purpose, but I can see this good for the hot and humid summer months along with that delicious coconut scent!!

Have any of you tried products from Naked? It's available in some UK drugstores, and isn't too pricey either! ♥


  1. Ooh, I love coconut. I'll have to see whether they sell it in the states, or at least have a decent online shop.

    In the winter months I use body wash for that reason-- less suds usually= more moisture. But when I use them and *still* want to work up a nice lather I usually put it on one of those netty/spongy things. Lol, I'm sure they have a name...body scrubber, I guess? I know my dove body wash get much bubblier if I use it that way.

  2. @The Bloated Ewe- I believe you're talking about Loofahs! I forgot about those. They do add to the lather.. hmm :) Thanks for reminding me xx

  3. LOL, yes, loofahs! They're awesome.

    BTW, I found the site for Naked bodycare. They have a whole bunch of different scents: http://www.nakedbodycare.co.uk/test4-cid218.html

  4. It looks so pretty and I bet it smells yummy! And why is it only 97% natural?!?! LOL.. it should says 75% natural :P That'd be funnier


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