My MAC Blush and Mineralize Skin Finish Collection Swatches

*edit: I know this is an old post, but I updated it with enlarged versions of the swatches so you can see a bit more detail of the face products ♥

For the same reasons I did my lipstick swatches posts, I am sharing to you the swatches of my MAC blush & MSF collection. I'm really looking for dupes, which I can sell and as a reference guide for when I want to do looks without swatching every single blusher I have just to find the right shade every time lol. So hope you'll find this useful!

Pinks ~

Dollymix, Tippy, Sweetness, Pink Swoon, Don't Be Shy, Petalpoint, Love Rock, Moon River

Bronze & Peaches ~

So Ceylon, Superdupernatural, Dainty, Spaced Out, Springsheen, Hipness, Enough Said, Fun n Games, Eversun

Plums and for Contouring ~

Medium MSFN, Medium Dark MSFN, Emote, Fab, On A Mission, Conjure Up, Petticoat

There you have em! Are any of these your favourites??.. ♥


  1. i love petticoat msf and springsheen blusher. you should also check out mac's blusher called styled-- it's a gorgeous peachy coral

  2. @arcanefelicity- Thanks! Will do.. at the moment, the next blush to add to my collection that I'm eye-ing is Peaches though :) xx

  3. oh man, I am tanned compared to you woman! :D I'm that medium dark shade! haha, well it's a little dark on me but it's the closest :P You really make me want to go get that stupid dainty blush but I really don't want to see the MAC makeup artists right now! haha XD

  4. Hello there! You definitely have to add Peachykeen to your collection. I absolutely LOVE that colour. I want to check out Springsheen, Emote and Petticoat (if it ever comes out) now =)

  5. do you prefer superdupernatural or conjure up from the holiday set?

    currently loving love rock and any pink blush =D

  6. @AlwaysAdira- I think both blushes are very pretty, but I feel like I'm reaching out to use Superdupernatural more. Hope that helps! xx

  7. @lindah- Yes! Dainty's a nice one to pick up, but not really a must-have in my opinion xx

  8. @Marce- Thanks! What would you wear with Peachykeen? I'd love to get Peaches blush~~!! haai xx

  9. omg so many gorgeous blushes!!!

  10. Thanks for the swatches girlie! All the colours look lovely! petalpoint and tippy are my favs! xoxo


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