LOOK: Smokey Coral & Beauty and the Beast Musical

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I wore this look when the bf and I went to see Disney's Beauty and the Beast musical in Bath last Wednesday! We traveled to Bath Spa all the way from London just to see the musical - and it was well worth it. It was a touring group so we were quite lucky to be able to catch them before they finish performing in the UK this year.

I used the following~

MAC Soft Ochre paint pot
MAC eyeshadows in Expensive Pink (orange-pink duochrome, lid), Smut (grey-brown, crease), Vanilla (cream, highlight)
Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Bourbon (brown, upper lash line), Zero (lower lashline)
L'oreal Double Extension with Serum Inside Mascara (primer only)
Maybelline Collosal Volume Mascara in Black
MAC Lingering brow pencil

GOSH Velvet Face Primer (review soon~)
MAC Moisturecover concealer in NW20 (undereye circles)
MAC MSFN in Medium & Medium Dark (contour)
MAC Superdupernatural (blush)
MAC Pearl cream colour base (highlight)

MAC Cutester lipstick (coral)
MAC Baby Sparks dazzleglass (very sparkly baby pink)

So that's the look I wore when we went to watch Beauty and the Beast! The musical was amazing~ There were more songs than in the original Disney movie, but everything else was similar! Their costumes, voices~ It was just soo good. I'd love to see it again, I hope the group comes back to perform in 2010!!

Here's a photo I took outside the theatre my bf and I watched the musical in~

Soo pretty isn't it?..

And here's proof I was there! ♥

I also bought this Disney Beauty and the Beast Charm bracelet in remembrance, plus it was cute ~~

Isn't it pretty? Belle, lumiere the candlestick, the enchanted rose ~ I just love it. And perfect for this season's charm bracelet trend too! ♥

I hope you enjoyed this post! xx

What do you think?? ♥


  1. I want to see a musical so bad, but Boyfriend hates it...

    love the look on your eyes, as usual!


  2. @Toothfairy- Aww... just drag him along with you! lol xx

  3. Aww you're so pretty, and i love the bracelet too!xxxx

  4. awww the theatre looks nice and I'm jealouss that you saw beauty and the beast! I love disney.. whether it's disney on ice or disney musical haha love it all! Btw you look really cute in your pictures! I love how you do your hair :)

  5. You look gorgeous!... and so does the theatre :O!

  6. You look gorgeous, and that bracelet is so cute! I adore Beauty and the Beast. Such a classic. Oh and I love your coat!

  7. Livia this look is sooo pretty! I love Expensive Pink, I really need to get it ASAP! And the lips are nice and sparkly too =)
    I really want to go to a musical, but I don't have anyone to go with! Here they were showing The Phantom of the Opera, and a friend said it was amazing!

  8. @Pop Champagne- You're a Disney fan too?? Awesome! I basically grew up in the Disney world lol. The musical was really amazing~~ Hope you catch the group if they perform in a theatre near you! (sounds like an advert lol xx)

  9. @lindah- The theatre's dreamy isn't it?..~~ sigh xx

  10. @Georgie- Thanks! I love Beauty and the Beast~ Belle's my favourite princess hehe.. oh, the coat? I bought it from New Look last year! xx

  11. @Marce- Thank you! <3 I think I'll be wearing more neutral colours now~ I don't get intimidated using it during the day~! x Ohh you're friend's right. Phantom of the Opera is amazing. You should definitely watch it when you get the chance! x

  12. omg I think i used to have that bracelet when I was younger! This is making me want to go dig it up again. Are those circle lenses btw? I love the effect of circle lenses but sadly can't wear them anymore because of dry eyes. :( Love your blog!

  13. Wow gorgeous look! I especially love the lips!!!!! And woah I was actually in Bath on Thursday!!!!!! Bath is so pretty!!! :)

  14. You look beautiful! I love the makeup...and your outfit as well. Beauty and the Beast was always my favorite disney movie ;)

  15. @Sooshi- It is a pretty bracelet. =) And no, these aren't circle lenses. I haven't been able to get a hold of those, but its a good thing coz I heard they're not that comfortable. These ones are however, they're called Emotions by Flex Wear xx

  16. @Diane- Bath is a gorgeous place!! Wish I could have stayed longer to tour and stuff x What business did you have there?xx

  17. @BeautyGirl24- Aww thanks. Beauty and the Beast is amazing xx

  18. I saw Disney's Beauty and the Beast musical the past year and I loved it. It was a present from my boyfriend.
    You look pretty, I love the lip`s color.


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