LOOK: Sculpted Eyes, Nude Lips, Superhot (!) Hourglass Siren Red lips & Haul!

I wore this look today when I went out to Hamleys to get presents for my little bro and a little something for myself! I also went to Boots to pick up a few things. When I got back, I checked my mailbox and I found a lovely surprise from Zu & Rob at Zuneta.com, the online beauty retailer. I was so excited and I quickly unwrapped the package, and OH MY GOSH! I got what has to be THE SEXIEST lip gloss I have ever come across to date!! Keep reading~!!

For the look, I used:

MAC Select Moisturecover concealer in NW20 & NC30
MAC MSFN in Medium & Medium Dark
MAC Hipness blush (coral)
MAC Pearl cream colour base (champagne, highlight)

MAC Soft Ochre paint pot (neutral, base)
MAC Under Your Spell mineralized eyeshadow (pinkish taupe, lid)
MAC Cork eyeshadow (tan, crease)
MAC MSFN Medium Dark (under brows) + Pearl Cream colour base (highlight)
Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Bourbon (brown with sparkles)
Maybelline Collosal Volume Mascara

Cherry Chapstick ♥

So when I got back to my place, I found the package, got changed into my home clothes (an oversized grey t-shirt & shorts), and quickly opened the present. And this is what I got~

Hourglass Extreme Shine Lip gloss in Siren

Such a shimmery and well-pigmented red gloss! It comes with a brush applicator, easy to apply, and smells of vanilla. It is GORGEOUS!! I immediately put it on, and here's the lip swatch:

Sorry the swatch is a bit messy, I was too excited & didn't think of retouching! I had Maybelline lip liner in Red Diva to line my lips. You should always do that with red lipsticks/red gloss!

The gloss is soo soo hot! It made me feel so good even in my home clothes lol ♥

It's amazing how much a single bright lippie can change an entire look~!

This lipgloss should definitely NOT be missed. I highly recommend it. It's fantastic for the Christmas holidays ~ I might actually wear this one on Christmas day!

Here is Hourglass Siren compared to some of my MAC lipglosses~ MAC Amorous Dazzleglass Creme, MAC Cult of Cherry lipglass & MAC Love Alert Dazzleglass :

I love it soo much. Thank you Zuneta! ♥
And as I said, I went to Hamleys to get something for my little bro (its his 6th birthday on Sunday!) and for myself. I'm not posting what I got him in case he drops by my blog ~ he's a very clever kid. He can read, write, do mental addition, play minesweeper, use photoshop, etc. Kids these days are so advanced! So I got myself the new Zelda game on the nintendo DS: The Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks! My bf already has it, and he's loving it. I'm sure I will too, coz I'm a big Zelda fan!. I'm almost through with playing Chrono Trigger on the DS ~ just finishing side quests now so its good to have a game ready to play next! Haha ♥

So after Hamleys, I went to Boots and got myself some nail varnish remover. I use Cutex Nourishing Nail polish remover, and mine's about to run out. I also grabbed myself a copy of this week's LOOK magazine. Cheryl Cole's on the cover again, I think I probably have 3 other issues that have her face on the cover! She's gorgeous though so its no wonder :)

Well anyway, sorry about the long post! Hope you enjoyed it though. I'll get on to packing since I'm leaving for the Philippines tomorrow! I can't wait to see my family again ♥ ♥


  1. omg the gloss is SO pretty. i want it :)

  2. The Gloss looks really stunning.

  3. omg that lipgloss is gorgeous!

    i want ♥

  4. That look is perfect for every day. And that red lipgloss? OMG, I am dying over it! It looks like rubies all over your lips =_

  5. Hey! Im a new follower! your blog is beautiful!

  6. Hope you have a safe trip home!

    Maligayang Pasko! =D

  7. @Beautygirl24- You're absolutely right! I love your description for it.. it really does look like rubies ♥

  8. @Kasia_B- THank you! Welcome to my blog xx

  9. @AlwaysAdira- Thanks! Maligayang pasko to you too :)

  10. OMGoodness...I must have that gloss! It looks like Dorothy's ruby slippers from the Wizard of Oz....gooooregeous on you!

  11. @Dye-A-Graham- Yes you definitely should! It's like MAC Queen's Sin lipstick.. but a gloss version, and better!!x

  12. very pretty red..me likey

  13. Hot damn! That gloss is the shit! Looks amazing on you, I love it! Hey, did you do something different to your hair? It looks great! I like the look, very pretty, both in chapstick and bombshell versions ;)
    Have a lovely trip, and make sure to take lots of lovely photos and have a great time!

  14. Lovely eye makeup! Subtly beautiful. And your lips are so pouty and cute - awww!

  15. OMG you are absolutely right! I've never seen anything as shiny as this lip gloss! AMAZING.

    I'm a big BIG Zelda fan, too! But I was a little disappointed by Phantom Hourglass, so I was suspicious about Spirit Tracks... but my boyfriend bought it today, so I will give it a try, too (=

  16. @MIKY WILS - Yes its very pretty. :)

  17. @Marce- Thank you so much hun! Yes I will take a lot of photos ♥ I don't think I did anything to my hair.. hmm, since I had the outer half of my straight hair permed, maybe my straight hair's just growing :o

  18. @tris1978ton- Lol, thank youuuu xx

  19. @Gaby- Its so pretty isn't it?? Very unique. Its l♥ove. :)

    Sorry to hear you were disappointed with Phantom Hourglass, but why though? I thought it was great, nintendo introduced us to a new way of playing Zelda :D I've started Spirit Tracks already, and its fun. Definitely more challenging than the first ♥ Hope you like it! xx

  20. Hi there..new follower here. Looking very pretty..love the eyes in the first pic ^_^

  21. @Cynthia Zacharica.- Thanks~! Welcome to my blog ♥

  22. I like your eye makeup, soft and subtle :p and this lipgloss is incredibly pigmented !

  23. the lipgloss is gorgeous! I really love red glosses, but they bleed soooo bad! XD I tried the sculpted eye look one time.. epic fail @_@!! love your look though :) you are truly gorgeous! ^_^

  24. Hello! I love your circle lens; they enhance your natural brown eyes very well! What brand are they? They look like the Hana SPC Circle Browns, but I can't tell. Do you mind telling me what they are? I've been looking for the perfect pair of brown circle lens for awhile now, and have had terrible luck with a few. Thanks!!

  25. @Libby- Hi! I'm sorry for the late response, these aren't 'circle lenses' as such, because they aren't called them lol. I'm wearing Flex Wear Emotions in the shade Henna. I haven't gotten hold of the official circle lenses, but I heard they tend to be quite uncomfortable, but these ones I'm wearing aren't! I really recommend them if you're able to find them. =)

  26. Wow, this gloss is really something! What an amazing red it is! I so want it now. Ha ha! Hmmm....where can I buy Hourglass in the Netherlands?!


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