LOOK: Modern Pin-up - Ashley Greene Inspired FOTD

I saw one of Ashley Greene's pictures on the web and got inspired to do a similar look * if you don't know who she is, she plays 'Alice' in the Twilight movies, sister of Edward Cullen *. I wore this when I went out with my bf and my bro last Friday~! Hope you enjoy this one xx

I used:

MAC Soft Ochre paint pot
MAC eyeshadows in Pandamonium (grey, lid), Cork (medium brown, crease), Vanilla (cream-white, highlight)
Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Zero (black, upper lash line)
MAC Fascinating (white) eye kohl on waterline
L'oreal Double Extension mascara with Serum Inside (primer only)
Maybelline Collosal Volume Mascara
MAC Lingering brow pencil

MAC MSFN in Medium & Medium Dark
MAC Superdupernatural (peach) blush
MAC Pearl cream colour base (highlight)

Maybelline Delicate Pink lip liner
MAC Bombshell lipstick

And here's my inspiration~!

I had some difficulty blending out the grey shadow with time constraints, but it's not that obvious in real life~ =)

So, what do you think?? ♥


  1. Great look! I love those colours on you, Ashlee Greene is just stunning

  2. @Stefanie- Thank you! Yeah I agree, Ashley Greene is gorgeous!!x

  3. this is soo prety livia! I really like what you did.

  4. @Becky- Thank you so much! xx

  5. Lovely! You've convinced me to get Bombshell. =D Do you have Vanilla pigment too? I have the pigment and was wondering if I need the eyeshadow as well...

  6. @AlwaysAdira- I love Bombshell lipstick; you really should get it! I don't own any pigments since I think they're just too messy to mess with *haha sorry bout the pun*. I'm sure there are other makeup blogs that have swatches of the two so you can compare them =) x

  7. Thanks, I'll have to get the eyeshadow as well. What are your favorite pink lippies?

  8. @AlwaysAdira- Hmm.. my favourite pink lippies from MAC are Plink!, Bombshell, Fun n Sexy (LE) and Gladiola (LE). xx

  9. So pretty! You've inspired me to try this out too.


  10. I need me a cork e/s to blend out my dark shadows! :) Like the look, it's very prettty ^_^

  11. Would you recommend the l/s for people with paler skin? It looks so pretty on you, but i'm not sure how'd it look on me. (Also, I have blonde hair, blue eyes, if that helps!)

  12. @Soccerrocker1234- Hi! I think this will definitely work for you. It's one of those colours that tend to work on a variety of skin tones. But that's if you're comfortable wearing frosty pink lipsticks. Its very pretty, and this was my first MAC product!

    If you're still contemplating getting this lipstick, I suggest you visit your nearest MAC store (if possible!) and try it on to see it for yourself. =)


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