LOOK: Golds and Browns - New Moon inspired FOTD

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I did this look inspired by Jacob Black's wolf form in the movie New Moon. Based on the movie, the wolf's fur was brown on the golden side, so I wanted my eyes to match that! Hope you like it! Keep reading for the products I used and photos!

I used:

MAC Bare Study paint pot
MAC eyeshadows in Nanogold (pinkish-gold, highlight), Woodwinked (brownish-gold, lid), Espresso (dark golden brown, crease)
Urban Decay pencils in Bourbon (brown, upper lash line)
MAC Feline kohl power pencil (black, waterline)
L'oreal Double Extension Mascara with serum inside (primer only)
Maybelline Collosal Volume Mascara black (LOVE LOVE!!)
MAC Lingering brow pencil

MAC MSFN Medium, Medium Dark
MAC Refined Golden Bronzer
MAC Mineralized Skin Finish in So Ceylon
MAC Pearl cream colour base

MAC Cute-ster lipstick (peach)
MAC Gold Rebel lipgloss (gold glitters)

I really enjoyed the film, hence this look...

What do you think? 

Hope you like it! ♥


  1. i LOVE the goldy brown look! neutrals are my favies so definitely going to give your look a go. =)
    Haha did everyone gasp when jacob black takes off his tshirt to wipe bella's bloody head after she got thrown off the bike? like nearly everyone in my screen did! i didnt though, but my jaw dropped..he's soooo hot! =P
    glad you enjoyed the movie :D
    Michelle X

  2. I like it! Very pretty! I love new moon :)

  3. i like your eye makeup... its really nice. I'm going for the movie next wk as it only just launch here last thurs!

  4. hmm..youre a filipina too..? that's nice!

  5. omg i love your eyes, make up is so fun to play with and you seem to be a natural at it xx

  6. Woodwinked is such a lovely color!!! As always, ur eyes are like doll...:)

  7. Haha that's so funny that you got inspired by the movie;) I like it, cute:)

  8. You look gorgeous! Loving the look ^^

  9. ooooh your eyebrows are AMAZING! i looove the length and the subtle arch... anddd the fact that it's not overplucked!

    youre sooo pretty :)


  10. Thank you gals for all your sweet comments! You make me so happy xx Livia

  11. @hkmichelley- About Jacob removing his shirt to wipe Bella's wound.. I gasped too, but because it was so unsanitary lol! Haha! The movie was great tho xx

  12. I love this look :) It's very subtle and natural! ^_^ I ened to go see the movie still.. maybe I'll go next week or the week after. There's not enough time in the day!

  13. @lindah- Thanks! Oh your schedule must be so packed! Hope you get to see it in the cinema while its still available on the big screen xx

  14. LOVE IT :) i really like all ur gold looks!

  15. What kind of color contacts do you wear? THey look very pretty and natural! Not like a cat's eye. But like anime! Gorgeous!

  16. You look GORGEOUS! Golds and browns is what I wear every day, they go with pretty much any outfit and occasion xx


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