Lauren Luke's Beauty Book: Look Like A Star Review

I bought Lauren Luke's Beauty Book: Look Like A Star a few weeks ago because it boasted having a lot of celebrity makeup tutorials, and haven't had the time to read it properly until now. At first glance, browsing through the pages, this book is very pretty, colourful with loads of cute scribbles and drawings on it. But judging the content, I don't really know what to say. The book has two main parts to it: her beauty tips and, the larger part, the celebrity tutorials. I thought her beauty tips were quite useful, except for using your saliva from when you wake up in the morning to treat a spot (ew!), and I enjoyed looking at the pretty colours from her Paintbox, where she suggests the right makeup colours based on your hair and eye colour (obviously I don't follow makeup rules as such, but I enjoy looking at it). However, looking at her celebrity tutorials, I was really disappointed.

Shot of the Paintbox ~ don't the colours look so pretty??

Well now on to the Celebrity Tutorials, each tutorial starts with a photo of the celebrity she tries to copy and then step-by-step application pictures and then her final look. But most of her final looks don't even look anything like the original photo she tried to copy! Here are 2 examples (I cut out her final look and placed each on the bottom right corners of the photo) ~

Taylor Swift look (where are the peach lips and glowy cheeks?)

Lady Gaga look - only the wig looks similar! (no hot pink lips and no blue eyeliner), but then again, her one is still too white instead of blonde!

I also made my bf have a look at the makeup book too (LOL) to see what he thinks and to choose a tutorial for me to copy, but he said she looks the same in every photo, and I agree *look at the two 'different' looks above!*.

Oh boy oh boy ~

But I don't feel like I've completely wasted my money though. As I said before, I really liked the Paintbox feature and how pretty it is. I also enjoy looking at the celebrity photos, which I use as makeup inspirations. I also bought this book at a cheaper price, for a £10 from Amazon.co.uk . But if you want to learn how to copy celebrity looks, I wouldn't recommend this book though, I suggest you just search Youtube instead, and you'll probably find more helpful resources to do your look.

Have you purchased this book? If you have, what are your thoughts on it?? ♥


  1. aww sory you din lyk the book much hun! i neva get into buying makeup books, although i would love to get the bobbi brown or the alex box one! i think youtube tutorials teach best :)

  2. @Shifa- Yeah, Youtube's the best for tutorials.., and its free! This one's just my 3rd makeup book so far... and the only one among them I really enjoyed was Iman's one. Hmm.. the Bobbi Brown one sounds good :)

  3. Dang that sucks, I had high hopes for her book.

    xoxo mimilainna
    A Taste of a Poison Paradise

  4. @Mimilainna- So was I.. I paid for it! :(

  5. i dnt have the book but i see what ur saying about the celeb tutorials

  6. Aw I'm sorry it wasn't a good purchase ._.

  7. Aww it sucks you didn't like the book. You are right, she doesn't look a thing like Taylor... & I would have expected a more eccentric look for Lady Gaga.

  8. both celeb looks look the same! o_O!!! I think her videos are better and they're free so I'll just stick with that ^_^

  9. I remember flicking through this in the bookshop and totally agree with you, its good for inspirations but her youtube tutorials are more useful x

  10. OMG you are right, those celebrity looks are the same! I saw this book the other day and didn't have a chance to look at it, but don't think I will bother now really :)



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