Cummulative MAC Haul

Here are MAC products that I got in the last 2 weeks. I've been on a red craze lately and lemmed for MAC Kanga-Rouge lipstick from the limited edition Dame Edna collection last year. I found it for cheap from eBay: £8.50 (including shipping!), so I immediately grabbed it. I've been feeling low early this week too, if you've read one of my previous posts.. so I decided to treat myself with some retail therapy and went to the MAC counter a few days ago, and I walked away with the gorgeous Under Your Spell mineralized eyeshadow. The third product I got is MAC's lipglass in So This Season. This lipglass isn't available in the UK, but I won it in one of Temptalia's giveaways about 2 and a half months ago! There were problems with delivery, and I only got it today. Better late than never though. :) So keep reading for swatches and comparison swatches! ♥

MAC Under Your Spell mineralized eyeshadow

MAC So This Season lipglass

MAC Kanga-Rouge lipstick


So This Season lipglass, Kanga-Rouge lipstick, Under Your Spell eyeshadow

Here swatches of Kanga-Rouge lipstick compared to some of my other red MAC lipsticks: Queen's Sin, Port Red, Red She Said, Russian Red & Powerhouse:

Queen's Sin, Port Red, Red She Said, Kanga-Rouge, Russian Red, Powerhouse

No Flash


Queen's Sin & Port Red are frost finishes.
Red She Said, Kanga-Rouge & Powerhouse are amplified cremes.
Russian Red is a matte red.

There you go. I hope you found this post useful!

What is your favourite Red lipstick?? ♥


  1. Totally awesome post! I love the swatches sooooooo much

    I'm glad you got your winning (better late than never!)

  2. I have Under Your Spell and I love it!! :) xxx

  3. I love Under Your Spell MES! I use it on the outer half of my lid and I cannot help but reach for that gorgeous color! Also, Kanga Rouge is gorgeous! I haven't worn it in such a long time!

  4. @♥ ChloĆ« ♥- I love it too! I'm so happy I bought it xx

  5. @FabDiva20- Under Your Spell is really pretty and easy to use everyday! Kanga-rouge on the other hand is less wearable unless you're comfortable wearing reds anywhere :) x

  6. Yeah, one of these days I'm going to do a FOTD with a neutral eye and bold lips.

  7. Great haul!! Love the reds. Still haven't tried a red shadow, guess I have to get over the whole dark skinned women wearing red lipstick thing :)


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