Soap & Glory: The Scrub of Your Life

I must declare my love for this product, this scrub from Soap & Glory is the SCRUB OF MY LIFE! Read more for my review of this product xx

What they say~
♥ The ultimate super-smoothing body buffer
♥ Wet down in the shower, turn the water off, squeeze out a handful and scrub and soap up until you’re satisfied, then rinse thoroughly
♥ Helps rough elbows become silky, dry shins become suspiciously shimmery and remove the bumps from the backs of your arms
♥ You may start to believe that this scrub can conquer all
♥ Soap & Glory formulas are not tested on animals—only very picky people
♥ Exfoliating Body Scrub From Soap & Glory
♥ Contains Rose Oil
♥ Softens Skin
♥ Ideal for Dry Skin  

The Packaging~
Anyone who knows of Soap & Glory knows that their packaging is amazing! Very Benefit-esque, very retro. This product was no exception, as you can see from the photos!

Its Whats Inside that counts~

This scrub is a transparent gel with pink scrubbing beads. It smells really sweet, and leaves my skin non-greasy, soft & smooth, well hydrated and almost glowing!  

What did it for me!!

Since I arrived to the UK for this uni year, I have been suffering from body acne, the worst I've had in my life! Its not really thaat bad, but it is relatively speaking for me. I never intended to use this scrub to treat back spots, but after using this scrub, I haven't been suffering from bacne at all. Its a miracle!! I think I should use this regularly as a preventative measure. I HATE BACNE!

I am loving this scrub ♥ ♥ I haven't tried many other body scrubs, the only other one I tried was the Energizing Body Scrub from Neutrogena, and boy did I hate that! It felt really thick and greasy, and just yuck. I'm so happy I came across this one. Its pretty affordable. For those girls in the UK, the Soap & Glory line is available at Boots! ♥  

Do you use body scrubs?? What body scrub do you use? ♥


  1. I adore the Soap & Glory Sugar Crush body scrub from their Spa range - it's the one in the big tub with the blue lid - I feel so happy each time I use it.

    Do you know that S&G is on 3 for 2 just now in Boots? I'm stocking up :)


  2. @LionLovingTiger- Hmm I haven't seen that one yet! Might try it out when I see it :)

    Thanks for reminding me of the offer! I'll think about what I need to get next or what to stock up on xxx

  3. Have you tried their flake away body scrub, its one of my favourite ones. Their Xmas kits are good if you want to try more Soap and Glory stuff x

  4. I use S&G super eyes which really perks up my eye area, and a pore face mask. I definitely plan on using some shower products. Thanks for a great review x

    p.s. I posted a swatch of that nail polish, I love it!! =)

  5. @Peonies and water lilies- No, I haven't tried that yet! I'd like to try the Christmas kits xx Thanks!

  6. @Pyxiee- THank you for the swatch!! I also have the Super Eyes Super Eyes eye cream, but I don't see much of a difference using it.. Maybe its just the bad lighting in my room, but it makes me feel good that I'm putting eye cream on tho :) The shower products are great! I ♥ Soap and Glory!

  7. Soap & Glory looks like my cup of tea. LOL. I love quirky, fun packaging, and good quality products! I'm glad it worked for you! I've a bit of bacne, just a bit, though it's really annoying. Usually I just let it be, of course, no touching!

  8. @Marce- Yes I'm sure you'll love Soap & Glory products! Fun packaging, good quality AND its pretty affordable. Cheaper than the Body Shop! I'm so happy I got this product. I just hope it's anti-bacne effect lasts long for me, since my skin tends to develop 'resistance' against good products after a while xx


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