Oooh the Difference a Top Coat Makes!!

I'm not much a nail-beauty addict. My nail-care routine has always been pretty simple: 1.) Cut with a nail trimmer & 2.) Shape with a nail file. No polish! Wearing nail polish was forbidden in my grade school and high school years, and in Uni, well, future doctors need clean hands AND nails you see.

But this year's the year I'm doing my Integrated Bachelor of Science degree, kinda a break from medicine - I say 'kinda' because my course is still medically-related. But at least now I'm able to use polish everyday!

Which is why I've been posting nail polish hauls. So now my nail-care routine includes a 3rd step: Adding polish.

After about 3-4 days my nail varnish chips and I re-do them when I have the time. But when I remove my red polish, I find my nails stained a bit yellow!


Well not this yellow, I just didn't want to post a photo of my yellowing nails.

I was horrified and browsed through a few of my favourite beauty blogs and saw that they used base coats. And then top coats. So I went to my nearest Boots store and bought this~

Its a 3 in 1 product: A base coat, a top coat & a nail strengthener. Sounds great right?

But did it work?.

Oh yes you bet it did!

No more nail stains! And the best part of it is that its been 5 days and my polish hasn't chipped a bit! However my nails are growing longer, and soon it will be time for a new polish.

So from now on, my nail routine has 5 steps:
1. Base coat
2. Trim
3. Shape
4. Polish
5. Top coat

~ adding the 2 extra steps is well worth it! 
This base & top coat product dries quite quickly so its not much of a waiting pain.

This blogging world is amazing. We are able to learn tips and tricks from each other as well as gathering inspiration for our day-to-day lives! A big thank you to all you bloggers out there xx

Do you have any more nail care tips you can share? That would help me a lot!! ♥♥



  1. I like Rimmel'polish : Nail Rescue. It really helps me. You should try it!

  2. @aralka- thanks for the suggestion! What does it do for you? I will try it xx

  3. I'll definitely be trying this polish! I was looking for a good top coat. Thanks for sharing!

  4. @Gaby- Hi! I would definitely recommend this product as a nail polish base, but if you're looking for a top coat by itself Rimmel also has another product that's solely for a top coat! It claims to give a really glossy look. I'd opt to get that instead of this one if I was only looking for a nail polish top coat. =)

  5. @Elise- Aww thank you so much xx

  6. I recently switched my basic base/top coat to a fast-drying anti-chip top coat from Sally Hansen. It's probably not the best one out there but it still works great... dries soooo quickly & makes the polish last longer than a basic top coat. Still looking for a HG anti-chip top coat!

  7. @Akisa- That sounds great. I'm really liking this Rimmel top coat. 5 days and still no chipping! x

  8. I like base coats! I have noticed a difference on how nail polishes don't make my nails yellow :D I've been using the szeche vite ridge filler & fast drying top coat :) I'm not too big of a fan of the top coat except that it dries everything super fast BUT I loveeee the ridge filler ^_^

    That reminds me, I need to paint my nails!

  9. I'm just starting to play with nail polish as well and I agree that the internet is just so wonderful in the sense that we can find so much information that we need so easily!♥

    I'm determined to start buying my own nail beauty essentials for when I go to university this fall :D


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