MAC Nude, Peach & Coral Lipstick Swatches

I swatched all my MAC lipsticks to find out whether I have any products that are similar to each other, and I took photos of the swatches so you guys can have a look at the pretty colours too. Hope this helps with future purchases and all! Here are my MAC Nude, Peach and Coral-toned lipstick swatches xx

Flowerplay, Made With Love, Coral Polyp, Electro

Lollipop Loving, Pink Cabana, Thrills, Fast Thrill

Freckletone, Sunsonic, Shy Girl, Pleasureseeker, Plink!, Cute-Ster

Fleshpot, Masque, Our Pick, Brave New Bronze, Honeymoon


  1. I really love flower play, freckle tone, and honeymoon. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. These are so pretty! Electro is such a crazy, stunning shade. Pink Cabana, Shy Girl and Cute-Ster are gorgeous!
    How's your weekend going? Everything OK?

  3. so gorgeous love the electro and flowerplay...pretty pretty pretty

  4. I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool!

  5. Brave new Bronze and Electro are two ultra gorgeous colors...
    No matter hw many lipsticks i have...i end up lemming for something new whn i see swatches on blogs....:)

  6. i love you're MAC lipsticks! it looks like we have a similar taste in lip color.

  7. @lipsticklove108- Great picks! Those shades are gorgeous xx

  8. @Marce- I love my peaches :) I'm great, been a busy weekend! Hope you're alrite xx

  9. @Resham- I feel the same way when I look at swatches from other blogs! :)

  10. these colours are so beautiful, pink is my favourite colour ^^

  11. I have freckleton, shy girl, pleasureseeker, cutester, brave new bronze, and lollipop loving! :D I think these are the only colors I really have in my lipstick collection.. LOL, I should start getting different shades :)


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