MAC Nightsky Softsparkle Pencil

Hi everyone! Let me introduce to you my current favourite eye pencil, MAC Nightsky softsparkle eye pencil. I just love this one; it's a deep black with silver sparkles! It is just so pretty. And the best thing about this one is that IT DOESN't BUDGE on my oily lids! - no smudge or transfer, unlike the Urban Decay 24/7 ones. It's not scratchy and doesn't tug my lids at all, but it could be a bit more 'soft' like its name though. But the sparkle's enough to get me hooked! :)

Read more for swatches! xx

I compared this eye pencil to the blackest black pencil eyeliner I've come across to-date, which is MAC's Feline eye kohl. Feline is definitely a true black! But it smudges on me like crazy which is why I don't use it much. It works great if you set eyeshadow on top of it though. :)

Nightsky vs Feline:

As you can see, Nightsky is a pretty dark black, but a bit more grey than Feline. And you can see the pretty sparkles too! It is not recommended to use on the waterline though, I suspect its because of the glitter which can damage sensitive eye areas. =)

MAC Nightsky eye pencil is limited edition from this 2009 holiday collection. I'd love to get a back up since I really love this pencil and I'm afraid I'll run out.. but budget constraints. Ugh. So I'm wearing this less to conserve it lol. I highly recommend you get this one though, or at least swatch this in the store! Its fab to wear everyday and the glitters are perfect for the holiday!

What do you think? Do you have this eyeliner?? xx


  1. That is so pretty. I may have to go pick this up.

  2. @Mz. More - Yes, you should pick it up :) xx

  3. the sparkle is really nice, I think I'm going to get it! Thanks for the review :)

  4. @Pop Champagne- You're welcome. It really is pretty xx

  5. Oh wow :o It sparkles. I want. I WANT!
    Alas, I cannot use pencil on my eyelids (I have huge-ass eyelids :|) and have to stick to liquid.
    Great review though, thanks! x

  6. I wish feline had better staying power.. I'd totally get it! haha :)


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