LOOK: Antiqued Gold & My FIRST MAC Makeover!!

I had my first ever MAC makeover for the Boat Party I attended last Thursday. I know, I've been into MAC for two years, and I still haven't had one till then! The holiday collection was released in the UK on Thursday as well, so it was good timing to have a look at the products and get made up.

I went to the MAC Pro store at Carnaby St in London. I now frequent that place since it has a bit more products than the other non-pro shops, and its really near where I live at the moment. I booked my appointment on Wednesday, and had the makeover on Thursday by the lovely makeup artist, Monnie. I was wearing white because of the dress code, and I wanted to go for a bronzed sweet yet still sultry look. I told Monnie what I wanted and she gave it a go!

What she used on myself ~ all MAC!

Oil Control Lotion + Face & Body Foundation in C3 - I just love the F&B foundation! I'd like to buy this. Gives such a natural looking coverage
Select Cover Up Concealer in NC30 - for spots
Select Moisturecover Concealer in NW20 - for undereye circles
MSF Natural in Medium Plus - I'm getting this when I run out of medium!
Golden Bronzer - all over
Margin blush
Pearl CCB - I want this too! To highlight the bridge of my nose and cheeks.

Mystery eyeshadow - for brows
Rubenesque paint pot
Mayhem mineralized eyeshadow - lid
Antiqued eyeshadow - crease
Shroom eyeshadow - highlight
Blacktrack fluidline - lining upper lashline
No. 7 lashes - my first MAC lashes!! The quality is a lot better than the cheapo ones I've been buying, they feel so much lighter and look more natural. I'm really gutted though that one of them was ruined somehow when I took it off :'(
Zoomblack mascara for lower lashes

Subculture lip liner - This colour really matches my lips! She applied it all over my lips to even out the colour
Baby Sparks dazzleglass - The perfect sparkly baby pink.

Monnie & Me

My personalised face chart!

At the boat party

The boat party was quite fun! Although I was expecting to see fireworks since it was Guy Fawkes night - 5th Nov, and there weren't any :( Oh well.

Based on these pics, I think I'm liking MACs Face and Body Foundation. It looks good in photos! I might purchase this when I manage to save up more money, and maybe at the Heathrow airport where its tax-free. Pearl cream colour base looks great too.. Haai. So many lemmings, so little money lol. I think the makeup artist did a great job; the bf reported no eyeshadow creasing at the end of the party! Amazing. haha. However, the whole application took about one and a half hours. Way too long lol.

Thanks to my sister for the dress! She got it for me from Forever 21 when she was at San Diego, California xxx Slightly loose on the sides so I added a belt for a better fit. :)

I hope you enjoyed this post!! Thanks for reading!! ♥


  1. You look stunning!!! The lashes are really nice. I have never purchased any of MAC's lashes. I do wear false eyelashes everyday and do purchase the cheap ones from Ebay. There are some that are really nice. Seven Dorothy and Model 21 are really good brands. You can find both on Ebay.

  2. @Vixxan- Oh, thank you hunnie! I'll look for them on eBay :) xx

  3. I'm absolutely loving your eye makeup! I LOVE gold eyeshadows. You look stunning!

  4. Thanks girls!! The MA did a great job, I just wish I could repeat the same look as well as she did! But at least at twice her pace. :)

  5. Subculture is a cult favorite! :) Love your look, soo pretty! :)

  6. @Sush- You enabler you! ;) Guess Subculture's on my list xx

  7. WOW!!! You look like a model! These colours are just so gorgeous on you!! I don't have Antique gold but boy do I want it now :P
    What kinda contacts do you use? They are very natural looking :)

  8. @Sarah- Oh wow, thank you so much for your comment. It made me feel amazing =) This gold eyeshadow (Mayhem) is really pretty, you should check it out if you haven't! In this look, I used Flex Wear in Grey Mist. I find it to be very comfortable. I have a post of it here http://princesa-livia.blogspot.com/2009/10/lenses-flex-wear-emotions-in-grey-mist.html. xx Thank you for visiting my page~!!xxx

  9. Gorgeous makeover, it turned out lovely. You have really pretty eyes! Thank you for sharing this - it's inspired me to try a warm golden bronzey eye now.

  10. @Lina- Thanks! And its my pleasure that you enjoyed this post. You'll look fab with bronzey eyes!! x

  11. super gorgeous!!!

    yesss as soon as the jimmy choo line comes out and i get my crap russian red is next on my list! lol

  12. you know grl...any color wud have looked beautiful on those eyes...u have such pretty eyes!!!
    They remind of my dolls that i had as a kid....:)
    warm colors compliment you well...

  13. You're so gorgeous girl!! And the warm colors really compliments your skintone well! ;)

  14. Hey hon! How are you? Wow, this looks so pretty! Warm brown shades are so flattering paired with blue eyes! Love it!

  15. @Cristina- Can't wait to see what you got from H&M Jimmy Choo! It's still quite expensive though xx

  16. @Resham- Thank you so much. You make my eyes feel happy xx

  17. @Jenn- Thank you! I don't often do warm colours since I find them boring, but I guess I should keep using them since they suit me! :) xx

  18. @Marce- Yes! Gold looks great with blue eyes. I wish my eyes were a different colour but thank God for coloured contact lenses! Haha xx I'm doing great, how's ur weekend been??

  19. You look so cute
    love the look


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