Livia's 10 Tips for Great Skin

These tips are generally applicable to all age groups, but most especially the teens and young adults *like I* who are more prone to acne and skin break-outs. These are 10 simple rules which I abide to *as much as my self-control can muster* for my skin to naturally look its best.

1. Drink plenty of water. - This is No.1! Drinking adequate amounts of water is necessary to flush out toxins out of the body. With inadequate amounts of water flowing through the body, these toxins can build up in the body and escape through skin pores which contributes to acne. Therefore, by flushing the body internally with water, acne breakouts are less likely to occur due to toxin release through the skin.
Drinking water in large amounts also helps in the treatment of skin disorders such as eczema and psoriasis. And proper hydration helps eliminate sunken eyes and undereye circles! Drinking water also helps your skin looking plump and younger (Source). I try to finish at least 2L of water a day. So go on, get a glass of water, just don't drown yourself!

2. Sleep well and Sleep Early! ~ 7-8 hrs per day should be great. Lack of sleep and late nights stress your body, which reveals itself externally as a pimple!

3. Refrain from touching your face. Fingers = dirty, dirty = spots. Constantly touching your face also irritates the skin and may lead to breakouts. And touching spots is a big no no! Friction irritates it and may make it even bigger!

4. Avoid getting fringes. For me, hair fringes usually result in forehead spots. This is due to excess moisture from hair - from hair products & natural oils - which fall on skin and irritate it. When I have a fringe, I wear a hairband at home to keep hair away from my face.

5. Wash face twice a day. Once in the morning before going out and once before bed, and moisturise after every wash.

6. Always wear sunscreen during the day. This is regardless of the intensity of the sun heat outside. As long as its day time, you are exposed to UV radiation. At least SPF15.

7. Moisturise your face at least once a day. I do this after washing my face in the morning. My cheeks NEED this, since they're dry. Without moisturising, my skin flakes. I have combination skin with an oily T-zone (Forehead, nose, chin) and dry cheeks.

8. Have the least sun exposure on your face as possible. I am prone to freckles especially on my cheeks. I try to cover them as much as I can when I'm out - with my hand or bag or umbrella- whatever. If you want to tan, use tanning lotions instead. That way, you tan evenly, avoid freckle-formation, avoid speedy aging, and avoid the risk factors for skin cancer!

9. Laugh. - Don't stress yourself out - physically, but especially mentally. I've noticed that the more stressed I am, the more spots I get.

10. Give yourself a break from makeup. Give your face at least one day a week free from chemicals of makeup products to give your skin a chance to heal itself!

It's important to take care of your skin. The skin you carry today will be the baseline of how your skin will be for the next decade! Makeup also looks better on good skin as a good painting requires a good canvas. Guys also love girls who look good without or with minimal makeup!! ♥

Disclaimer: These are what I abide by to make sure MY skin looks its best. But if these don't work for you, I suggest you seek a Dermatologist's opinion.
What are the top 5 skin care rules you live by?? ♥


  1. I don't know how it works over there (since I believe you do your weight in kgs or stones)... but to tell how much water in ounces you should drink a day you half your body weight (I'm not sure if it only works in pounds or not). For example, I weigh 140lbs, half is 70, meaning I have to drink at least 70oz of water a day.

  2. @Kristennn- Hi, thank you for your input! I'd like to know where you got this information. xx

  3. very helpful! thanks for sharing! :)

  4. I got it from the leader at this local 'Biggest Loser' group I'm in for eating better, and they were talking about how important drinking enough water is to your overall health- I'm not sure if it is drinking that much is just for weight loss or if that is the general rule, but since I've started drinking that amount daily I've felt much better overall.

    I checked her facts here: http://nutrition.about.com/od/hydrationwater/a/waterarticle.htm

    but also read up more on daily water intake here:

    Anyway, thank you for this blog entry! I need all the help I can get for my skin!

  5. Unfortunately, with the whole staying up late at night and waking up early for my current courses, lack of sleep is inevitable for me.

    One that I don't often do but seriously should is to keep myself hydrated. I find that if I carry a water bottle around with me I'm better, though.

    One think I do is to lightly exfoliate every other day. I don't use anything fancy, just a little washcloth. My face always feels super clean afterwards.

  6. @Nehs- You're very welcome! xx

  7. @Kristennn- Thank you so much. Now I know drinking water helps with weight issues too! xx

  8. @The Bloated Ewe- Yes, drinking a lot of water is No.1. Its not just good for your skin, but its also good for your overall being. All our cells in our body need water to function!!xx

  9. Great tips, I live by a lot of them. Excercising is supposed to be great for skin too, as well as eating healthily. I smear my face with aloe vera at night, too, see if it helps with my acne - which I think it has!

  10. water and sleep is definitely the most important! And man.. DO I TOUCH MY FACE A LOT :D.. haha! It's such a bad habit, and maybe that's the reason I'll never get completely clear skin :P

  11. @Marce- Aloe vera? I've never heard that one, I'd love to try it!! :) xx

  12. @Lindah- Yes! Water and sleep are my top 2!! xx

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