Lenses: Flex Wear Colors in Charcoal

Flex Wear Colors contact lenses in Charcoal.

These contacts have two colours blended together: light grey and black. My eyes tend to give my coloured contacts a bluish tinge when worn so it kinda looks like an icy blue in the picture.

Dia: 14.0
B.C: 8.6

I haven't used these contacts much, but I used them in my Halloween 2009 and 21st birthday looks. I must say though, these aren't the most comfortable ones I've tried. I think they're a bit hard/thick? And seems like my eyes feel dry more quickly than other ones.

Hope this helps though! ♥

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  1. Thanks for your comment, Livia!

    I think Annabelle and Marcelle cosmetics are available only in Canada. They are already pretty inexpensive, so it was an amzing deal I got at that sale hehe ^^


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