Beauty Blog Giveaways!

It must be the Christmas spirit, so many blogs are having giveaways! Here's a few of them~~ ♥♥

★ Sarah from iheartcosmetics is hosting a giveaway here!

★ Katrina from K.Lo Dot Com has one here, and here's a photo of her prizes!

★ Ribbonlicious is giving away a super cute calendar here!

★ Peonies and water lilies is giving away a few goodies! For UK residents only :)

♥ And don't forget MY GIVEAWAY HERE!


  1. Hi sweetie

    win $200 here:
    Please remember that if you leave the badge on your blog you will automatically be entered into the next draw every month!


  2. @rhiandropz- Oh,thanks! I just entered the draw xx


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