Body Shop Cocoa Body Butter

I've been lemming this body butter for quite a while now since I caught a whiff of it at the Body Shop a few weeks ago, and I finally gave in. I bought a mini size of the Body Shop's Cocoa body butter!

The Body Shop's Cocoa body butter is part of the thicker consistency variety of body butters, intended for dry skin and these cold winter months. It smells deliciously of chocolate, but its not overwhelming. I bought it in handy travel size so I can take it wherever I go, for 'moisture touch-ups' during the day. I jusy hate the feeling of dry skin! My skin cuts easily - I've had so many papercuts in my life *ouch!* and my skin easily breaks when its dry. So I neeeed moisturising!

The next body butter on my list is probably the Brazil Nut one! It smells soo good. But I'll have to control myself though - purchase on hold til I finish my next tub of Body Butter!

Whats your favourite body butter scent??♥


  1. i love body shop's lotion.. i have tons of them but i dunno why i never use them mMmmmmm

  2. @Cydia Angie- You must have so many body lotions~! xx

  3. I like pumps better since I don't like unscrewing the caps and stuff ^_^ But I HATE the fact that you will never get it all out because of the very bottom layer not pumping out!!

  4. @Lindah- It's also less sanitary having to scoop things up with your fingers all the time with these screw tops... I like the squeezy tubes :)

  5. I must admit I've never tried any of Body Shop's body butters. Yikes! But I do love Rituals' Touch of Hammam. It's a whipped body cream with fresh figs and rice milk. The scent is heavenly!

  6. @Witoxicity- Thanks! I've never heard of that brand, but by your description of Touch of Hammam, it sounds lovely!! I'd love to try that out xx

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