LOOK x 2 : Batman Villains!!

Finally! My Halloween post! I had a fun time at Halloween, its the first time my bf was enthusiastic about myself putting makeup on his face! But lets start with my look first :)

I used

MAC Select Moisturecover concealer in NC30
MAC MSF Natural in Medium + Medium Dark - mostly removed though from all the cleaning up around the mask -.-
MAC Blacktrack fluidline - to draw the mask
No blush - my cheeks just have a colour of their own!

MAC B Greasepaint stick - I just LOVE THIS product!!
MAC eyeshadows in White Frost (highlight), Blue Flame (lid), Pandamonium (outer V)
MAC Feline eye kohl to line upper and lower lash lines + waterline
L'oreal Double Extension Mascara with Serum
No name false lashes

MAC Cushy White plushglass
Rimmel red lip liner
MAC Russian Red lipstick

So could you guess who I dressed up as? Its CATWOMAN! My bf made me the cat ears using black card and an old hairband of mine. He also painted the mask on - with my guidance of course! He had a lot fun too :)

And now... my bf's look!!

Its our variation of the 'Joker': Left eye with a Joker card and right eye with makeup inspired by Heath Ledger's Joker. To make it even more 'Halloweeny' I drew spiderwebs on his right jaw. I was so happy I had a lot of compliments for my work that night. It just felt amazing =)

We used:

LEFT EYE - Joker card
MAC White paint stick - kinda regret purchasing this, it smudges :(
MAC White Frost eyeshadow - to set paint stick
MAC Feline pencil - letters
MAC Blacktrack fluidline - to outline mini jester & fill half of jester hat
Purple part of hat - MAC Purple Rite lipstick topped with MAC Satellite Dreams eyeshadow

RIGHT EYE - Joker eye
MAC White paint stick
MAC Feline eye kohl
MAC Black Track fluidline
MAC Carbon eyeshadow

Jaw Spiderwebs-
MAC White paintstick
MAC Blacktrack fluidline

Smudgy pic of the Joker card ~ sorry about that, it was taken at the end of the night!

The both of us ~~


So those were my works for Halloween! I hope you enjoyed this post!!



  1. Miaow! Great work and you and your man are too sweet together!x

  2. @LionLovingTiger- Thank you so much!! He checks my blog and he'll love your comment =) xoxo

  3. I nominated you for a blog award. You can find more information on it here http://theglamshack.blogspot.com/2009/11/my-first-blog-award.html

  4. @Vixxan- Thank you for the award~! x

  5. Hello! How are you? Great costumes! Your boyfriends' makeup is very original, congratulations on a fantastic job! And kudos to your BF too, for your mask! LOL =)

  6. you look so cute!
    and his hair is cute! lol

  7. There's lots of tags going about just now and I've given you another award over on my page :)

    PS - hot are you liking the new Rimmel brush with the Pro polish?


  8. wooow
    you 2 look amazing!
    And I love your eyes! So big and cute!

  9. @Marce- I'm doing alright - getting ready for a boat party tonight! We didn't want to buy any costumes just for Halloween so we just pulled together pieces of clothing we already had! And THANK YOU!! HE'll be very happy with that compliment xx

  10. @Cristina - Yes, he is VERY stylish isn't he?.. Heheh xxxx

  11. @LionLovingTiger - Oh thank you!! I've had like my first 3 awards in 1 week!! :D

    And yes, I love the new Rimmel brush, which is why I have quite a few colours already! The giant brush makes applying nail polish really quick, and I really like the Rimmel polish formula xx

  12. @Aralka - Aww thank you hun!! My eyes ARE humongous lol.

  13. Perfect couple...you two look gorgeous together! You did great with the make-up!

  14. i like! havent seen this one...ever thought of ditching medicine to become a make up artist? x

  15. @Ai- Thanks! And yes I have.. several times lol. Although I know I would never be an MA as a career. Not the main one at least. Maybe as a hobby or something x

  16. can you please tell me what is the name of those contact lenses you are wearing and where i can purchase them??


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