Rimmel Nail Polish Haul!

I got Rimmel nail polishes in the shades Coral Romance, Posh Trash and Oyster Pink.

Can't wait to use them! I have 3 other nail polishes from Rimmel in the same finish. I love that it has a JUMBO brush which makes easier and faster to cover each nail. It dries up pretty quickly, and its stronger and longer wearing than the others I've tried so far!

I plan to rotate these trendy nail colours every week, along with my every day makeup to match for that week!

How often do you change nail colours?? ♥

Ps. I noticed that Superdrug has a wider selection of these nail polishes than Boots. I'd love to get Beige Style, Coral Queen and a 3rd one I can't quite remember now, but I'll wait until Superdrug goes on sale before I'll truly consider purchasing these others!


  1. i change my nails whenver they start to chip. :) <3 nail polish.

  2. I agree with Viva La Fashion, whenever my nails start chipping, I take off the polish and apply a new one! Although I can spend periods of time with nekkid nails, too. I love Coral shades, the one you bought looks great!

  3. yup definitely when they started chipping! ^^ I like the coral red one, looks fierce!^^ enjoy 'em!

    PS, I just found you, I like your blog already!^^ fab blog, fun posts.

  4. Applying new polish when they chip is really sensible. I should do that, but sometimes I just can't seem to find the time to re-do them! I just end up wiping it all off with a remover.

    @Marce- Coral Romance is the first coral nail polish I've bought! So I hope I'll love it on me as much as you do :)

  5. @Sassy Scribbles- Thank you! And welcome to my blog!! x


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