New Bag and my Top 10 Favourite Pink Things~!! ♥

Hi everyone! I've been busy for the last two weeks, barely managing to put any blog posts up. I had uni projects due in, and I just finished the last one for this first module at 8am today! (Yea that's right, I stayed up all night doing my project, but who hasn't tried that in their life? ;) ) My body clock woke me up 3 hours later, and now I feel really knackered and a bit sick. :s

I've been wanting to do this post for ages, and now I have the time! Continue reading after the cut for my top 10 favourite pink makeup-related things for the Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and a new bag I'm bustin' out today~! xx

MY 10 FAVOURITE (makeup-related) PINK THINGS

L-R back: MAC lipsticks in Bombshell and Plink, L'oreal Strawberry Sorbet lipgloss, MAC lip glosses in Pastel Emotion, Steppin' Out, Love Alert
L-R front: MAC Moon River blush, B Bobo lip gloss, MAC Fresh Cut palette, MAC Pink Swoon blush

I got this idea from a fellow blogger, Carlinn, who did her post on her favourite pink things early October for the breast cancer awareness month! It's still October now, so its not too late for me - better late than never right?. :)

MAC Bombshell lipstick is a frosty mid-tone pink lipstick. I've had this for a long time, and its almost finished!
MAC Plink! lipstick is a pale peachy-pink lipstick that makes a good nude lipstick for me without washing me out. It gives a 'wet' look as if it were a gloss.
L'oreal Glam Shine lip gloss in Strawberry Sorbet was my favourite lip gloss before I got into MAC. It makes my face look brighter without being overdone.
MAC Pastel Emotion lip gloss came out in the Emmanuel Ungaro MAC line last fall '08, and its a milky pink colour with a lot of tiny multicoloured sparkles.
MAC Steppin' Out dazzleglass is a peachy-coral pink coloured gloss that's so sparkly!
MAC Love Alert dazzleglass is a cherry pink colour (bordering on red) that looks fantastic over red lipsticks, or to darken pink ones. I love this one a lot.
MAC Moon River blush is a mineralized blush that has two halves, one is a pale peachy pink and the other is a melange of white, peach, pink and purple. I use this one everyday, it gives me a nice subtle glow that looks fab in pictures!
B Bobo lipgloss is a bright hot pink colour with tiny sparkles.
MAC Fresh Cut palette is a pink themed palette from the Graphic Gardens collection. It has a wonderful combination of pinks and peaches, which are all wearable shades. I'm so happy I picked this one up.
MAC Pink Swoon blush is a pale pink blush without shimmers. It gives me a natural innocent flush to my cheeks. It is in MAC's permanent line, but I got this one from the Manish Arora collection last year in special packaging.


My mom gave this to me on my birthday in July early this year, but I've never used it yet, so its new! I was so thrilled when she handed this to me. Its a beige coloured mini-rucksack (knapsack whatever you wanna call it) with cherry designs and a giant cherry charm! I love cherries and my mom picked right! This bag is from the brand Maraschino.

So that finishes my post, I hope you enjoyed it! I'd love to know your top favourite pink makeup things, and see if we match. xx

Till later gals~!


  1. Great idea! I love pink glosses, specially, though I don't have any featured here! I'd love to get Steppin Out d/g - but I'm gonna check out the dazzleglass cremes before actually purchasing anything.

  2. cute bag!! we can never have enough pink in our makeup!!

  3. Cute post! I should do something like that, too!

    I'm folloowing your blog =D

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  5. ahh the cherries on the bag are sooo cute. <3 one of a kind purse

  6. Just found your blog! Loving it! I love your lip swatches. Come check out mine if you get a chance.

    xx Belle

  7. Oooo...good idea! I'm a huge pink fan! Here's my list :)

    1. MAC Heartfelt Pink lipglass- it was, of course, a limited edition, but it's the perfect light pink shimmery gloss.
    2. MAC Well-Dressed blush- I'm very very pale, but this perks me up!
    3. Stila Convertible Color in Fuchsia- it looks super-bright in the pan, but it just leaves a natural looking pink flush.
    4. TheBalm Balm Shelter gloss in Daddy's Girl- a pink with some coral undertones and no shimmer- and it smells like strawberry-banana yogurt!!
    5. MAC Girl About Town lipstick- I normally wear red lipstick about every day, but this is a great one for the same color punch, but in glorious PINK!

  8. @Marce- Steppin' Out d/g is amazing. I think the colour's very unique. Get it~!! x

  9. @Akisa- that's right girl. ;) We can never have enough pinks!

  10. @Gaby- I'd love for you to make a post on this! Let me know when you do!

  11. @MissVonDurce- The purse IS pretty unique. I'm glad you like it too. :)

  12. @Belle Du Jour- THank you. I've checked out your blog, and I'm following x

  13. @Marley- Ooh, Heartfelt lipglass sounds amazing. I hope they repromote that so I can get my hands on it!! Well-dressed seems like a cooler version of Pink Swoon. That blush is so pretty too. And its amazing you wear bright lips everyday!!


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