LOréal Paris Double Extension Renewal Serum Inside Mascara Review

LOréal Paris Double Extension Renewal Serum Inside Mascara Review. Double ended tube for double extension.

L to R: Mascara, Primer

- Gives my lashes Length and Volume
- Holds the curl
- Seems to last through the day
- I've noticed less lash fall out compared to some other mascara's I've tried
- Comes out easily with gentle makeup remover
- Other good stuff the 'serum inside' claims (although I have not had this long enough to notice any difference)

- Takes 2 steps
- Clumps a bit - It would be wise to comb your lashes afterwards.
- May flake
- Not as carbon black as I would want it to be.

Overall, I think this is a great mascara. The first time I wore it, my bf was accusing me of wearing false eyelashes! Only when I actually put mascara on in front of me did he really believe me when I said they were real, and its just the amazing mascara that did the trick!

Here are some photos of my lashes with the different steps I take to put on this mascara.
Now let's let the pictures do the talking!

Naked Lashes

Primer On

Mascara On

Combed Lashes

So what do you think? Will you be trying this mascara out?♥

To all UK ladies interested in this mascara, Boots and Superdrug are both selling this product for £3 off the retail price!


  1. Oooo! I love the step by step pictures. I'm going to give this a try - however, I always find that mascaras like this that come with a primer tend to make my lashes droop :(


  2. @Bunnie- I really hope this works for you! Tell me about it once you've tried it. x


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