LOOK: Sparkly Red lips and New Swarovski Necklace!! ♥

My bf and I celebrated our anniversary about a week ago. I wore this makeup since he's a fan of red lips, especially glossy ones~! Enjoy gals~!

MAC Select Moisturecover concealer in NC30 - to cover spots + undereye circles
MAC Mineralized Skin Finish Natural in Medium + Medium Dark
MAC Moon River blush (Shimmery pale pink) on apples of cheeks + down the nose

Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Zero (black) on upper lash line
MAC Black Tied eyeshadow (Black with silver sparkles)
MAC Fascinating eye kohl (white) on waterline
L'oreal with serum Mascara

Maybelline Moisture Extreme Lip liner in Red Glamour (Red) - to line and fill lips
MAC Possum Nose Pink lipglass (Red with blue sparkles)

My bf went "Woah" when he saw this look lol. So sweet. I was a bit annoyed that the lip liner bled though. :s It defeats the purpose of actually using one!! :( So much for drugstore liners.. Is there any red drugstore liner you can recommend that doesn't bleed?.

And for our anniversary, my bf got this necklace from Swarovski~!

Isn't it pretty??. It's so sparkly. I just LOVE how it plays with the light. Finally I have a red pendant to match red looks I make. I feel so lucky to have such a sweetie ♥

Well I hope you enjoyed this look. Take care gals xx


  1. @I_heart_red- Thanks! I heart red too~~ x

  2. @Lina- Thanks! The blue sparkles go well with the red lipstick xx

  3. WOw this is STUNNING! You look like Snow White! Whoa indeed :)

  4. wow! u are gorgeous!!! i love those eyes and the lips!

    btw, thanks so much for the comment and for following! :) follow you too cuz your blog is really nice and cute! <33 ~xoxo

  5. @Nehs*- Thanks for following too! I'm happy you like my blog xx


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