LOOK: Retro Pin Up Glamour with Purple Winged Liner & Red Lips

I did this look over the weekend for a housewarming party. Enjoy~!

I used...

MAC Select Moisturecover concealer in NC30
MAC Mineralized Skin Finish Natural in Medium and Medium Dark
MAC Moon River blush

Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Zero
MAC Young Punk Mineralized Eye Shadow from the MAC Style Black collection (!!)
L'oreal Double Extension Mascara

MAC Russian Red lipstick - this red really suits my skin tone ♥♥ * a hint to all other nc25-30 girls out there! ;) *

Do you see the subtle purple shimmers...? xx

But... I chickened out in the end, the red seemed a bit too bold for the party! Haha. So I blotted out the red lipstick and applied some of my favourite lip balm ♥

Soo... What do you think? ♥

Would you wear red lips to a house party? I reconsidered because 1) I chickened out, and 2) I thought about the difficulty maintaining my lipstick throughout the party of chatter and drinks!


  1. Love it! You look great with red lipstick, you're so lucky you can wear it! :) x

  2. @Dazzledust25- Thank you~! I'm sure you'd look lovely with red lips too though xx

  3. I notice that your skin tone for this Tut is much fairer, it looks great on you! Is this cause of the lipstick? If it is, then OMG, I must get it!


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