Lip Swatch: MAC Trend F/W 2009 Lipstick in Our Pick

MAC Trend F/W 2009 Lipstick in Our Pick. Its not very often that you come across a grey-toned lipstick (at least not for me). I think this one is rather unique, and surprisingly wearable!

Another shot~

Would you purchase this lippie? ♥


  1. I like the color, and you are right, it's very easy to find such a color. I had a lipstick on the same color years ago but I couldn't find another shade so gorgeous on the same tone. Looks very natural on the lips and not very shimmery :)It looks good on you

  2. @Tavia- Thank you! This colour is pretty rare and the finish is very nice and creamy, did you pick this lipstick up? :)

  3. Thank you for your sweet comment. Your blog is very nice too ^-^
    Cute background. Do you like Chobits? <3

  4. @Aralka- Yes I do. Chii is just the cutest thing~!


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