Lip Swatch: MAC Trend F/W 2009 Lipstick in Hipster

MAC Trend F/W 2009 lipstick in Hipster. Vampy frost lipstick. Yum. ♥
Another shot:

How would you rock this lipstick?? ♥


  1. hey grl..

    finally the "princess" noticed my blog...lol!!!
    thanks for following me...

    (you are one of the first few bloggers i started following...cute blog)

  2. @resham- Oh! I'm so sorry! But now I think I remember you commenting in my earlier posts. Your name and avatar. Thanks for following xx

  3. Dear Livia!
    I have just found your blog. It is amazing. I am writing from Hungary, so it can, be, that my English is not so perfect.
    I've read, that you are learning something in connection with Medicine. Will you be a pharmacist ? Or some kind of doctor?

  4. @Kinga- Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog. Yes, I am in my 4th year of medical school at the moment. Why do you ask? =)

  5. Hi Princess! You're lips are so lush. I'm jealous! How would I rock this look.. I don't know if I could. I will try for Halloween though. Goes well with one of my costumes :) I think if I wore this out on a normal day, I'd look like a little kid trying on mommy's makeup!
    About photoediting - oh man I get super addicted to it. I'm obsessed with making everything look pretty!!


  6. @Livia Because I want to be a pharmacist or a dentist (I'm 18.)
    Is the university difficult ? But I think it is very different in Hungary (Medical school takes six years here + resident qualification, and there are only 4 m. school in the country :(, so it is difficult to get in )
    And what will you be after finishing university ?

  7. @Bunnie- You really are adorable. Thank you! I wish I had your photoediting skills~!

  8. @Kinga- If I didn't do Medicine, I would have wanted to become a Pharmacist. But Dentistry is good too.

    Medical school in the UK takes 6 years also + residency so it's probably pretty much the same as in Hungary.

    With regards to the difficulty at uni... As with anything in life if you want something, you'll have to earn your way to get it. I wont lie, medical school is pretty tough, but with my goal of wanting to help people in the end with a medical profession, I'm trying my best to keep on track and stay focused on doing my best.

    That said, I still need breaks otherwise I'd lose my sanity, so I still go out with friends and have this little blog of mine where I get to meet wonderful people.

    Its a lot about finding the right balance~

    Phew this reply was long. Hope this helps =) xx

  9. This is seriously like the perfect color thats in fashion this season. A blackish berry color.. very sexy!!! xx

  10. @Tali- Yes, its so pretty! Like MAC Odyssey and New York Apple had a baby lol. Or MAC Queen's Sin's darker sister x

  11. @Livia
    Thank you, it helped a lot. I know, that it wont be so easy, but it is my goal, so I will do everything to reach it.
    Other : I agree with Tali, this color is fantastic, and very fashionable, I like it very much.
    (It is quite strange, because I thought, that Livia is a typical Hungarian name, because in H. there are a lot of Livia.)

  12. @Kinga- I'm glad I helped. You'll perform much better if you're determined.
    Oh, I didn't know there were a lot of Livia's in Hungary! Thanks!!


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