Lip Swatch: MAC Amorous Dazzleglass Creme

MAC Dazzle Creme gloss in Amorous. Red and supersparkly. I find that it settles into lines though so it probably looks better on top of other lipsticks. But it's still a great colour~! ♥♥


  1. hey dollface

    now those are what i call some ruby red lips!!! i really love the dazzle cream gloss...i have boy bait and its actually really smooth and pigmented!!! but this gloss would look amazing over some red puckers!!! hmmmmmmmmmmmm ...your from london!!!..........why ello ello!!

  2. Hi pink~!! xx Yes these ARE amazing! You should get a hold of them if you haven't, sparkly versions of the cremesheen glosses like Boy Bait!! Boy Bait's going to be re-released soon, and I'm defo getting that :) And lol, yes I am from London. Ello, mate~! xxx


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