Lenses: Flex Wear Emotions in Grey Mist

If you've been reading my blog for quite some time, you'll know I use contact lenses a lot. For two reasons really: 1) I'm terrible with the clear ones - I just can't see them! 2) I think playing with my eye colour's pretty cool.

I've tried several lenses and used them in different looks; but now I've just realised that I should make posts on which ones I'm using in case it might help one (or many) of you out there choosing your coloured contact lenses. So here's my first one! It's the new pair I've started using a few days ago:

Flex Wear Emotions in Grey Mist (Gray)

Diameter: 14.0
Base Curve: 8.6

I know its supposed to be grey, but for some reason my eyes make grey lenses look blueish. Odd.

Well I hope that helps someone! xx


  1. I had the same result. I have dark blue eyes and when I got grey contacts they made my eyes look like blue. They seem to just tint the eye colour rather then change it! Looks really pretty on you! :)

  2. @Amy- That's really strange. But my eyes are definitely dark brown.. not blue at all! I really don't get it. Thanks hun xx


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