In's and Out's: Oct-Nov 2009

For this fall/winter season, I've compiled lists of things that I feel are 'In' and 'Out' for me. :)

Long eyelashes - I'm using L'oreal's with Serum Inside mascara, it really is False Lashes in a Tube!!
Biker jackets - black leather or faux leather. I purchased one from New Look a month ago, and it just rocks!!
Crocodile print things, esp black ones!
Red nail polish - I'm using Rimmel's nail polish in Hot Gossip
Anything Cobalt - I'm truly loving this colour now! ♥♥

X Long nails - I just find them to be so unhygienic and impractical, and I hate breaking nails :s
X Oily, greasy makeup - I'm trying to refrain from using liquid foundation, but using face powder instead, I use MAC MSF natural.
X Animal Prints - I can't believe I'm saying this but, it just doesn't do it for me anymore. I think its a lot to do with the fact that my bf doesn't like it.
X Dry skin - For this cold season, moisturising is a must! I'm using the thicker body butters from the Body Shop.
X Dry hair - It's not just skin that needs moisturising, your hair needs some extra TLC too!

So those are the 'in's and 'out's for me. Feel free to do this on your blog.!!



  1. hmm so for me

    + healthy hair
    + eye-liner
    + white crayon
    + long loose sweters
    + boots
    + shiny lips
    + skirts

    - dry hair
    - purple lipstick
    - too long nails

  2. @Aralka- I'm loving long lose tops as well + tights for this fall/winter =) xx

  3. I agree with most of your ins and outs...love red nail polish, cobalt shoes <3, short nails, and of course long lashes. They'll always be IN in my book ;)

  4. @Marce- Ohh yes :) Great minds think alike!! xx

  5. ilove creating my fashion and i am addicted to mini-skirts and and red nail polish is my fav among ur ins

  6. I love...

    1. Neutral colours
    2. Rock-Star/Biker Chick fashion - Leather, black accessories = <3
    3. Boots!
    4. Black nail polish
    5. Ankle boots (especially the ones from New Look!)


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