Body Shop Body Butters

Got these last week from a 25% off sale online at TheBodyShop.co.uk!

I've been wanting to get Cherry Blossom Body butter for the longest time... but I just refuse to pay the full price. I was waiting till a sale comes when I can grab it.. and so the sale came! And I did! :)

It smells so clean. I love it.

Another one I got was a mini version of the Nutmeg and Vanilla body butter, one of the specials for this season. It smells really nice and festive, a lot more feminine than the other one in the blue packaging (I can't recall the name - sorry), so I decided to get this one too.

I'm a BIG fan of the Body Shop's body butters~ Their scents and the oh-so-soft feel on my skin. It doesn't take too long for them to be absorbed either. Love love love~!! ♥

What's your favourite body butter scent?? xx


  1. I love The body shop body butters, I've just done a review for the coconut one on my blog. They are so moisturizing and perfect for winter plus they all smell amazing x

  2. Oh what a coincidence~! I'd love to get the Cocoa one- another thick really moisturising one for the winter xx

  3. Hmmmm :) How sexy is it to be covered in silky cherry blossom body butter. Yum!


  4. I love the one in blueberry years ago. The scent is simply intoxicating. I believe it has been phased out. Sob..sob..

  5. @Bunnie- That's rite. Its very sexy ;) xx

  6. @Anonymous- Yes I think I remember that one! I hope they re-release it so you can stock up on it =)

  7. Oh yum! I love Body Butters, they're fantastic! I've tried a couple, Coconut, Brazil Nut and Mango, and I must say, Brazil Nut is definitely worth checking out. A delicious, warm, buttery smell, if anything.

  8. @Marce- Brazil Nut ei? I'll check that one out then. Next on my list is the Cocoa one :)


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