For this fall/winter season, I've compiled lists of things that I feel are 'In' and 'Out' for me. :)

Long eyelashes - I'm using L'oreal's with Serum Inside mascara, it really is False Lashes in a Tube!!
Biker jackets - black leather or faux leather. I purchased one from New Look a month ago, and it just rocks!!
Crocodile print things, esp black ones!
Red nail polish - I'm using Rimmel's nail polish in Hot Gossip
Anything Cobalt - I'm truly loving this colour now! ♥♥

X Long nails - I just find them to be so unhygienic and impractical, and I hate breaking nails :s
X Oily, greasy makeup - I'm trying to refrain from using liquid foundation, but using face powder instead, I use MAC MSF natural.
X Animal Prints - I can't believe I'm saying this but, it just doesn't do it for me anymore. I think its a lot to do with the fact that my bf doesn't like it.
X Dry skin - For this cold season, moisturising is a must! I'm using the thicker body butters from the Body Shop.
X Dry hair - It's not just skin that needs moisturising, your hair needs some extra TLC too!

So those are the 'in's and 'out's for me. Feel free to do this on your blog.!!



In's and Out's: Oct-Nov 2009

I received this blog award from the gorgeous Stephanie at You are so sweet!! Thank you so much!! xxx

To accept this award do the following:

1. Thank the person who nominated you for this award.
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5. Nominate 7 Kreative Bloggers.
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Right... 7 things about myself that are potentially interesting...

1. I've been dancing for most of my life. I can do hip-hop, jazz, ballet and tap dance, but Bellydancing is my forte and favourite at the moment. I have a video here! Hip Hop dancing here~!

2. I've had so many pets when I was younger... I've had 1 chicken, 2 little turtles, 3 fishes, 1 maya bird, 1 Dalmatian, and 2 cacti (yes I would count those as pets) - all of which have died :( *sigh* The chicken was eaten for lunch !! =(

3. I love video games. Especially RPGs (role-playing games). My favourites are Chrono Cross, Final Fantasy X, Kingdom Hearts 2 and Zelda!!

4. I come from a family of doctors. My mom's a dermatologist and my dad's a neurosurgeon. No surprise why I want to become a doctor :)

5. I am Filipino - 1/4 Chinese, 1/16 French, and the rest a mix of Malay & Spanish.

6. I can eat loads but remain slim,... actually, I think all the fat goes to my cheeks - face and bum cheeks.

7. I love my family. They mean the most to me in the whole world! Them and my boyfriend. =)

...So those are 7 random things about me! I now nominate these 7 wonderful bloggers~~ *drum roll please*

Becky from

Cristina from

Kay from

Luinae from

Marce from

Nehs from

Vanilla from

... Check out their blogs!! They're amazing!

And once again, a big thank you to Miss Stephanie for the award. xxx

TAG: Kreativ Blogger Award

I wore this look to a friend's birthday dinner last Saturday. I based this off 'Sassed Up' face chart from the MAC Fafi collection - actually my bf picked it out haha. Well anyway, hope you like it!

I used:

MAC Select Moisturecover concealer in NC30
MAC MSF Natural in Medium & Medium Dark
MAC Moon River blush on apples

MAC Bare Study paint pot
MAC Eyeshadows in White Frost (frosty white), Cloudbound (white gold), Silverthorn (bluish-grey), Howzat (dark grey), Up at Dawn (lavender), Pandamonium (Dark grey with sparkles)
Urban Decay 24/7 Liner in Zero (black)
L'oreal Mascara
No name falsies

MAC Oak lip liner
MAC Shy Girl lipstick

The eyeshadows I used are mostly from the MAC Fafi quad 1 and the MAC Pandamonium quad palettes. Sorry about the falsies, I'm still practicing putting them on. I guess I should have put some Blacktrack fluidline on the upper lash line, that could have helped making the lashes less obviously sticking out!

People were saying my eyes were huge throughout the whole night lol. My eyes are already big to begin with, but they just got bigger with the falsies! haha.

Hope you enjoyed this look! Any plans for the weekend?? xx


LOOK: Smokey Lilac

Glam, Sparkle and Pop is hosting a fab giveaway here!

And I'm also meant to link back to Pop Champagne and Glam, Sparkle and Pop.

Contest ends on Nov 1~! Good luck girls xxx


GS&P Giveaway!

MAC Dazzle Creme gloss in Amorous. Red and supersparkly. I find that it settles into lines though so it probably looks better on top of other lipsticks. But it's still a great colour~! ♥♥

Lip Swatch: MAC Amorous Dazzleglass Creme

I received this blog award from the lovely Miss C at Its my first blog award ever, so I'm so thrilled to be given one! Thank you so much Miss C!!

The rules of this award are:

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So, I want to share my love to other lovely gals out there!! I give this award to these gorgeous bloggers:

Alexa from

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Tiffany from

...Your blogs are all wonderful gals!! NOW GO FORTH... and SHARE THE LOVE ~!! ♥♥

TAG: One Lovely Blog Award ~!

Long overdue, this is a look using my Style Black products. I was just playing with my Black Knight lipstick for a bit, and thought why not do an entire look?? Enjoy~! xx

Nothing. I only played with eyes and lips. :)

MAC Feline eye kohl (superblack and supercreamy~!!) rimming upper and lower lash lines + waterline
MAC Young Punk MES (black with fuchsia/purple sparkles) on top of feline
L'oreal with Serum Mascara
No name falsies

MAC Black Knight lipstick

Well I hope you enjoyed that look! I'm still thinking of what to wear for Halloween. Thinking of doing a Corpse Bride look.



LOOK: Style Black

If you've been reading my blog for quite some time, you'll know I use contact lenses a lot. For two reasons really: 1) I'm terrible with the clear ones - I just can't see them! 2) I think playing with my eye colour's pretty cool.

I've tried several lenses and used them in different looks; but now I've just realised that I should make posts on which ones I'm using in case it might help one (or many) of you out there choosing your coloured contact lenses. So here's my first one! It's the new pair I've started using a few days ago:

Flex Wear Emotions in Grey Mist (Gray)

Diameter: 14.0
Base Curve: 8.6

I know its supposed to be grey, but for some reason my eyes make grey lenses look blueish. Odd.

Well I hope that helps someone! xx

Lenses: Flex Wear Emotions in Grey Mist

If you were paying attention to the title of this post, you'll notice that this lip swatch mainly features an eye shadow, and that's exactly what I'm using! I've been lemming getting Blackfire glimmerglass from the Style Black collection, but my conscience just tells me its a BIG waste of money since its not even that pigmented! One day, I was playing with MAC Young Punk eyeshadow and got an idea.

Clear lip gloss + Young Punk = Blackfire glimmerglass??

Here's the lip swatch:

If you've seen Young Punk MES in person, you'll know that the shimmers are superb, and if you're a beauty blogger who has Young Punk MES, you'll know that the sparkles aren't very photogenic. Sadly, that's the same case for here, but you'll have to trust me on this that the pink-purple sparkles are there, and they're really pretty in real life!!

Anyway, I think mixing a bit of Young Punk MES with clear lipgloss is a great way to DIY Blackfire glimmerglass, and you can even make it as pigmented as you want it to be!

BUT... I reserve judgement to you. WHAT DO YOU THINK? ♥ ♥ Here's the link to temptalia's lip swatch of Blackfire glimmerglass. If you have this eyeshadow, I urge you to TRY IT YOURSELF!! xx


Lip Swatch: MAC Young Punk Mineralized Eye Shadow

My bf and I celebrated our anniversary about a week ago. I wore this makeup since he's a fan of red lips, especially glossy ones~! Enjoy gals~!

MAC Select Moisturecover concealer in NC30 - to cover spots + undereye circles
MAC Mineralized Skin Finish Natural in Medium + Medium Dark
MAC Moon River blush (Shimmery pale pink) on apples of cheeks + down the nose

Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Zero (black) on upper lash line
MAC Black Tied eyeshadow (Black with silver sparkles)
MAC Fascinating eye kohl (white) on waterline
L'oreal with serum Mascara

Maybelline Moisture Extreme Lip liner in Red Glamour (Red) - to line and fill lips
MAC Possum Nose Pink lipglass (Red with blue sparkles)

My bf went "Woah" when he saw this look lol. So sweet. I was a bit annoyed that the lip liner bled though. :s It defeats the purpose of actually using one!! :( So much for drugstore liners.. Is there any red drugstore liner you can recommend that doesn't bleed?.

And for our anniversary, my bf got this necklace from Swarovski~!

Isn't it pretty??. It's so sparkly. I just LOVE how it plays with the light. Finally I have a red pendant to match red looks I make. I feel so lucky to have such a sweetie ♥

Well I hope you enjoyed this look. Take care gals xx


LOOK: Sparkly Red lips and New Swarovski Necklace!! ♥

Hi everyone! I've been busy for the last two weeks, barely managing to put any blog posts up. I had uni projects due in, and I just finished the last one for this first module at 8am today! (Yea that's right, I stayed up all night doing my project, but who hasn't tried that in their life? ;) ) My body clock woke me up 3 hours later, and now I feel really knackered and a bit sick. :s

I've been wanting to do this post for ages, and now I have the time! Continue reading after the cut for my top 10 favourite pink makeup-related things for the Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and a new bag I'm bustin' out today~! xx

MY 10 FAVOURITE (makeup-related) PINK THINGS

L-R back: MAC lipsticks in Bombshell and Plink, L'oreal Strawberry Sorbet lipgloss, MAC lip glosses in Pastel Emotion, Steppin' Out, Love Alert
L-R front: MAC Moon River blush, B Bobo lip gloss, MAC Fresh Cut palette, MAC Pink Swoon blush

I got this idea from a fellow blogger, Carlinn, who did her post on her favourite pink things early October for the breast cancer awareness month! It's still October now, so its not too late for me - better late than never right?. :)

MAC Bombshell lipstick is a frosty mid-tone pink lipstick. I've had this for a long time, and its almost finished!
MAC Plink! lipstick is a pale peachy-pink lipstick that makes a good nude lipstick for me without washing me out. It gives a 'wet' look as if it were a gloss.
L'oreal Glam Shine lip gloss in Strawberry Sorbet was my favourite lip gloss before I got into MAC. It makes my face look brighter without being overdone.
MAC Pastel Emotion lip gloss came out in the Emmanuel Ungaro MAC line last fall '08, and its a milky pink colour with a lot of tiny multicoloured sparkles.
MAC Steppin' Out dazzleglass is a peachy-coral pink coloured gloss that's so sparkly!
MAC Love Alert dazzleglass is a cherry pink colour (bordering on red) that looks fantastic over red lipsticks, or to darken pink ones. I love this one a lot.
MAC Moon River blush is a mineralized blush that has two halves, one is a pale peachy pink and the other is a melange of white, peach, pink and purple. I use this one everyday, it gives me a nice subtle glow that looks fab in pictures!
B Bobo lipgloss is a bright hot pink colour with tiny sparkles.
MAC Fresh Cut palette is a pink themed palette from the Graphic Gardens collection. It has a wonderful combination of pinks and peaches, which are all wearable shades. I'm so happy I picked this one up.
MAC Pink Swoon blush is a pale pink blush without shimmers. It gives me a natural innocent flush to my cheeks. It is in MAC's permanent line, but I got this one from the Manish Arora collection last year in special packaging.


My mom gave this to me on my birthday in July early this year, but I've never used it yet, so its new! I was so thrilled when she handed this to me. Its a beige coloured mini-rucksack (knapsack whatever you wanna call it) with cherry designs and a giant cherry charm! I love cherries and my mom picked right! This bag is from the brand Maraschino.

So that finishes my post, I hope you enjoyed it! I'd love to know your top favourite pink makeup things, and see if we match. xx

Till later gals~!


New Bag and my Top 10 Favourite Pink Things~!! ♥

Hi guys! Say hello to my first Sleek eyeshadow palette. I've been hearing raves about this affordable brand, mostly praises about their eyeshadow palettes, so I decided to try them out!

Each palette contains 12 pressed mineral eyeshadows. And they're all pretty vibrant! In the UK, each Sleek palette with 12 shades costs about £4.50, whereas 1 MAC eyeshadow costs £11. This makes the Sleek palette a really good deal!


No Flash



No Flash

From swatching these eyeshadows, the colours are all vibrant and apply evenly. The texture is a little odd though. It doesn't feel too powdery, rather, it feels much more like a cream eyeshadow like the Metal-X eyeshadows from MAC. I used Q-tips to swatch these, and each time I did it, it left a kind of a crater on the eyeshadow itself. That just shows how soft they are. And the cream-powder breaks off easily too. Unlike the normal MAC eyeshadows. I can't comment on the blendability as of now since I haven't tried these on myself yet, but once I do, I'll make sure to give a more in depth review and post the look.

If I'm happy with this palette, I have my eyes on the Sleek Classic palette. :)

By the way, the first time I saw this Sleek Sunset palette, it was at the Superdrug shop opposite Primark at Oxford Street. I swatched all the colours and they were beautiful! But I was gutted that this particular palette was out of stock. I looked for it at the other Superdrug shops I passed by from that week and they didn't seem to carry this one, but they had the other ones. I dropped by the same Superdrug at Oxford Street earlier this week and found they restocked on this palette, which is why I was able to get it.

WELL THE POINT IS if you're interested in this palette, it might be difficult to find, but if you're in London, it might do you good to stalk the Oxford Street Superdrug shop. Hehe xx

Thanks for reading guys~! xx



My First Sleek Eyeshadow Palette: Sunset

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