Urban Decay 24/7 Super Stash Set

OMG I am really looking forward to this eyeliner pencil set! Urban Decay's 24/7 Liners are the best eyeliners I have tried. They are super smooth as they 'glide on' - awesome for your eyelids and waterline, have great colour pay-off, and they stay on really long on my eyelids too. I'm a big fan of these, and so I am really excited about this release!

This Urban Decay 24/7 Super Stash set comes in Urban Decay's Holiday Collection for 2009. Included in this set are the following 9 eyeliner shades, 4 of which are new, and 5 existing:
  1. Zero (black)
  2. Oil Slick (black with glitter) *NEW*
  3. Corrupt (chocolate-brown with sparkle) *NEW*
  4. Eldorado (golden) *NEW*
  5. Graffiti (bright medium green w/silver sparkle)
  6. Binge (navy) *NEW*
  7. Ransom (bright iridescent purple)
  8. Rockstar (darkest eggplant)
  9. Stash (dark green/gold)
I am most excited about Oil Slick, Eldorado, Ransom and Rockstar. I really CAN'T wait!! ♥

Have you tried Urban Decay's 24/7 Liners?
How do YOU feel about them? ♥


  1. omg!! these look very nice..making me drool..hahaha.i love the colors

  2. @Summer Darling- yeah, i know, right? Don't worry, these are totally drool-worthy! lol! x

  3. I really want this AND the new book of shadows looks amazing too - so much makeup and so little money!

  4. @MediterraneanX - I know, totally sucks doesn't it??

  5. wow.
    i actually like eyeliners! i normally use eyeliners as eyeshadows. haha thick thick.
    well. i've only used like 3-4 times. ahaha.

  6. @Sherp- Thats a great idea! I actually do the opposite- use eyeshadows as eyeliners haha! xx

  7. I bought the 24/7 super stash eyeliner set and the Book of Shadows Vol II and i have to say I am in love! I'm already a UD fan but but the liners and book are to die for. THe liners could be a bit cheaper since they are small but still worth the $$.

  8. @Persephone- Oooo I'm thrilled that you're loving your new goodies~! But yeah, the liners a bit expensive for their sizes, which is why I've held back on the purchase for now. :)


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