Update~! And New Camera ♥

Hey guys!

Its been ages since my last post. That's because I've been busy with moving to my new place in London, and now I live just a 5-minute walk from Oxford Street! Incase you aren't familiar with the place, its the main shopping street in London. So its great. Hahaha.. Aside from that, I've also started university this week, which isn't so great. I miss the summer holidays :( I miss my family back home in the Philippines :(

I've also been trying to make new posts, but I'm having trouble adjusting to my new camera. I've been united with my Canon 110IS ixus which I have bought over the summer from amazon.

I know Canon's an amazing brand for cameras, but I miss my old sony one. *since I'm having some trouble with this new one*

I gave my old Sony camera to my sister for her 15th birthday since she's been eye-ing it ever since I told her I'm getting a new one. I don't regret giving it to her though. I'm happy she's happy.

But the thing is... with my new Canon camera.. well... I just look so yellow in the photos!!! I need help. I'm still playing with the settings. If you know the right settings to take photos for looks, etc, please share. I'd greatly appreciate it. ♥

Anyway, I have a new look in line for my next post. As well as some shopping I've done since I got here. :)

Well, thanks for dropping by my lovelies~! ♥


  1. Oh wow, your new place is so near to Oxford St!!!

    I don't know anything about cameras, sorry!

  2. @Blair - Yea I know!! It's amazing~! But i haven't really been shopping much yet tho.. haha. worried for my wallet ;) x Thank you tho :) WHereabouts do u live Blair?..x

  3. I purchased the Canon SD1200IS and I'm having problems with the color on this one too. My purples come out blue. If you figure out how to adjust the color please let me know.


  4. @Vixxan- I haven't tried photographing purple things yet... But yeah, I'll let you know. And when you figure things out, give me a shout too~!


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