A Thank you to All my Beautiful People!!

My SUPER quick everyday look using only 3 products: MAC Espresso on brows, UD 24/7 Zero liner smudged, and TheBalm's Two-Timing Mascara; TAKE CARE OF YOUR SKIN GIRLS!!

Hi everyone! I haven't been making any new posts lately since I've been traveling again. I'm in Taiwan now, and have just managed to get hold of internet connection, so I'd like this chance to thank my lovely followers for following my blog! I really can't believe I've made it to 100 followers. Its not just a number for me, but rather I feel so thrilled and honored to have you all checking my blog, even if its just once in a while. It makes me feel like having this blog is worthwhile, and I really appreciate it! :)

You all have been encouraging, supportive and sweet that I really can't thank you enough. I'm planning on holding a contest or a giveaway later on, probably when I return to London later this month. So keep checking my blog, and if you haven't 'followed' me yet, I suggest you do to keep updated in case I really pull through with it.

Once again, thank you so much everyone. Each and every kind-hearted comment you give me truly lights up my day. ♥

ps. I've done a bit of makeup shopping here in Taiwan, and I'm loving my MAC haul. You MAC lovers will find out why soon enough ;)


  1. i do the same look :) eyebrows. eyeliner and mascaraa.

  2. @Cristina- That's awesome! Miiinimal makeup :)

  3. wow that is so cool liv! :O i think ur blog has grown lots of love haha :)

  4. @Sherp- yeah I know! Its crazy! I'm so thrilled ♥


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