MAC DSquared2 Nude Rose Lipstick & Comparison Swatches

MAC Nude Rose lipstick is one of the two lipsticks in the MAC x DSquared2 collection. Here are swatches for you guys of Nude Rose lipstick comparing it to one of my much loved lipsticks, MAC Plink!.

MAC Nude Rose and Plink! lipsticks

Based on the swatches, I've found Nude Rose to be a lot similar to Plink!. Both are pale pinks with lustre finishes, which feel really smooth and moisturising on the lips.

Based on swatches, I can spot two minor differences. On the first swatch, you can tell that Nude Rose is less frosty compared to Plink!. The colours look similar on focused flash, but on the second photo, you can tell that Nude Rose is more pink where as Plink! is more peachy.

All in all, I think MAC Nude Rose lipstick is quite dupe-able, especially with Plink! from the MAC regular line. However, I really love this shade of lipstick and I'm a big fan of the lustre finishes. This lipstick is really wearable, and I'm happy I bought it. I ♥ DSquared2, so its great to have this lipstick in the MAC DSquared2 signature packaging!! So if you're like MAC lustre lipsticks and you wear a lot of nude pale pinks, or if you're an avid MAC collector, I suggest you get it!!

Well, I hope that helped you guys. What do you think of this lipstick? 
A buy or a pass? ♥


  1. What a gorgeous lipstick! I really like it. xx

  2. P.S. I love your blog layout. xx

  3. @Victoria- Thanks! I love it too. :) Will you be purchasing it when its releases where you are? ♥


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