LOOK: Retro Red Lips

I think a bright coloured lip is a great way to dress up your makeup even on lazy days, which is what I did last friday when I couldn't be bothered to do eye makeup~! I bought this lipstick back when I was in Taiwan 3 weeks ago, but its the first time I've used it in this look. And I love it~! Such a fantastic matte red!

What I used~

MAC Mineralized Skin Finish Natural in Medium + Medium Dark
MAC Pink Swoon blush

Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Zero - to lower lashline only
TheBalm Two-Timing Mascara

my lip balm
MAC Russian Red lipstick *love!!* this is the purrfect red. You all should try this~!

SOOooo... what do you think?
I find my wavy/curly hair pretty much goes well with the look,
don't you think so~? ♥

Oh, and have u tried MAC's Russian Red lipstick?.. Coz if you haven't... you better~! just make sure you moisturise your lips well beforehand with a good lip balm or some petroleum jelly since the matte texture is a bit drying xx

*On another note, I've been exploring camera settings, and I found a way to make myself un-yellow in the photos! I just turned off the Auto-White Balance setting lol. So this is what my normal NC25 skin looks like... haha ♥*


  1. I LOVE red lips- my fave way to dress up simple makeup.

  2. i think the red lippies goes very well with ur dark blue lenses dear! i love the contrast.. plus u have super nice skin..*jealous* haha..

    have a nice day..

  3. Fabulous!!! The entire look is perfect bold lips and light makeup. Your curly hair really completes this look.

  4. yes and u have healthy hair,sexy lips,everything looks good !
    lucky u!hehe

  5. @luinae- yes! Red lips are no.1, then a bright pink lip for me would be no.2 in dressing up without too much eye makeup fuss!

  6. @kay- thanks! I'm looking to try out a brighter blue or gray pair of contact lenses,... They look really great with dark hair~!

  7. @vixxan- thank you dear, I'm really happy with my permed hair xx

  8. @vanilla- thanks Hun, you look great too dear x

  9. you look really good. the lip color really suits you. I also like how you curled your hair. Its soo pretty.

  10. You look gourgeous. I love your make up.

  11. Thank you girls for the sweet comments~! xx

  12. wow this is a pretty bright shade of red... Do you know if this has the same hue with Shu uemura rouge unlimited RD170? I have the Shu RD170, maybe I should go to the mac counter and check russian red ^.^

  13. @Chelle- Hi! It is a bright red. I don't know how it compares to that Shu Uemura lipstick though. You could take your lipstick to the MAC counter and swatch them both yourself :) Russian Red's such a classic matte red lipstick. I'm sure you'll love it xx


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