LOOK: Flowery Pinks with Nude Rose and Fresh Cut Palette + NEW HAIR!!

Here's a look I've made inspired by pink flora. I used the Fresh Cut palette from the MAC Graphic Gardens collection, Nude Rose lipstick from the MAC DSquared2 collection, and a blush from the Style Warriors collection! ANd oh yeah, this pink eyeshadow with pale pink lips look was my bf's idea! hehe, he's so sweet ♥

I used the following products, all MAC unless stated otherwise ^_^

Studio Sculpt NC25 foundation
Select Moisturecover NC30 concealer *yea I know, it doesn't match the foundation, but looks alright tho*
Mineralized Skin Finish Natural in Medium(set) & Medium Dark(contour)
MAC Style Warriors blush in On A Mission(on apples of cheeks)
Moon River Mineralized Skin Finish(highlight)

Lingering Brow Pencil
Soft Ochre Paint Pot
Fresh Cut palette colours in Floral Inc.(lid), Bloomcycle(highlight, inner lower lash line) & Part Peony(crease,outer V,outer lower lash line)
Urban Decay 24/7 Liner in Zero

MAC DSquared2 Nude Rose lipstick

Playing with makeup ♥

Apart from the makeup, notice anything else different? I've had my hair styled! Finally!! My hair's wavy now~ mom thinks it suits me and gives me a softer look, rather than when my hair was naturally straight that made me look 'mataray' in Tagalog, which means 'mean' or 'fierce' in English.

So... what do you think??♥


  1. That look is pretty!! I also love your new hair style!!

  2. @FabDiva20 - Thanks Jacquelyn! x

  3. you are soooo prettty, i swear. I love the look :)

  4. very pretty!! loving the new hair, it suits you well! is it a perm or temp for the day?

  5. @Becky (everyday makeup)- Thanks becky! ♥

  6. @C. - I had my hair permed this way ;)

  7. wow! Love that color on the lid! gorgeous!Great blog! Please checkout and follow my fashion and lifestyle blog www.andeelayne.blogspot.com as i will yours! xo

  8. @Andee- Thanks for visiting my blog! ^^

  9. that is BEAUTIFUL! so subtle i love it!

  10. @Crystal- Thank you. The pink is not very bold, but is still quite pretty ♥

  11. very cute..I love the lippie choice

  12. this look is lush x very pretty x
    ive just started folowing you coz your blog is awesome. please follow back x sophie lou x

  13. I think, your hair is gorgeous! You're soo pretty! The make-up is beautiful!
    I love your header!
    I follow you!



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