LOOK: Dark Eyes and Black Lips

Black is a way of life, says MAC. Black is definitely one of the biggest trends this fall. Black for eyes, black for lips... and in this look I've done both. Inspired by the upcoming MAC collections DSquared2 and Style Black, I've created these looks. One eye look matched with two different lip colours. Pink berry lips, and black lips. For girls who have been wanting to see a look using MAC DSquared2 lipstick in Blood Red, this is for you! xx

I used the following...

MAC Studio Sculpt foundation in NC25
MAC Moisturecover concealer in NC30
MAC MSF Natural in Medium + Medium Dark
MAC Pink Swoon blush

MAC Lingering brow pencil
MAC Soft Ochre Paint pot
Urban Decay 24/7 Liner in Zero - base + liner
MAC eyeshadows in Black Tied + Creme de Miel
TheBalm Two-Timer mascara
No name falsies

LIP #1: MAC DSquared2 lipstick in Blood Red

LIP #2: Matte Black with Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Zero

- Maybe, I should have put on Blacktrack fluidline instead or as a base, that might have given more even coverage.

LIP #3: Zero + Victoria Secret Sweet Talk gold shimmery lipgloss mixed with Black Glitter from craft store *National Book Store*

*Phew* I think those pictures with black lips were quite intense, so I'd like to end this roll of pictures with a photo wearing berry Blood Red lips again~~ :

I love that this rich shade of pink can be worn with dark eyes, without it being too overwhelming :)

I've been contemplating getting the black cremesheen lipstick that's coming out in the Style Black collection for purely collector's purposes, and then I thought I might not actually wear it much... or even at all, which is why I tried using my uber soft Urban Decay pencil liner to line and fill black lip, and I think I'm satisfied. Trends come and go so quickly, so keeping that in mind, the black lip trend probably will not last long, and it would be a waste buying a black lipstick you wouldn't be using much. So if you'd like to try a black lip and you know you would hardly wear it more than once, I suggest you try using your black pencil liner instead of buying a new tube of lipstick to save money!. Urban Decay liners are the softest I've tried so I recommend you using that. Try it try it try it!!

As for this look, I personally think its a bit to gothy/emo-ey for my taste. My mum loved my eye makeup, but when I switched lip colours to #2, she kept going 'eeeeep' every time she passed by me wearing the black lips. My brother has been teasing me emo lol. My sis thinks it looks cool though, but most appropriate for Halloween.

What do you guys think? Can I rock the black lips or not?

Will you be jumping on the Black lip bandwagon this season?? ♥

PS. I'll be leaving back for the UK later today! I feel really sad leaving home, but I also look forward to seeing my UK friends and bf again. I'll likely be busy for the first few days when I get back, so I hope this post was interesting enough to tide you over for now ^^

Thanks for visiting my blog~! ♥


  1. Love the smoky eye with the pink lips x

  2. Both looks are so gorgeous!! You can rock black lips for sure!!

  3. AY AY AY

    what damsel...you are gorgeous!!! yay for leaving me shit stain on the post..black lips and smokey eyes are my fav look!!! how bold of you!!!!i just wanted to say thanks for leaving me support on this topic! otherwise i would never have known about this blog! you must be excited for MAC for they are coming out with a black collection....so is CHANEL i am going gaga over it!....

  4. ahhh im so not feeling the black lip trend! why designersss whyyyy. lol

    but your eyes and the pink lips r amazinggggg. you pull the black lips off you look fashioney not goth :) i could never ever look this good wearing it.

  5. i think the black lip looks fierce on you! infact i think you could carry it off which ever way you like!!!! Brilliant!!!

  6. hi Livia! I loved your black lips swatch!! I was nearly going to post this but realised you used a combination of stuff on top of lip liner!! i thought that might confuse my readers. I'm thinking of getting one too, but in Chanel or Nars in mulberry red that's almost black but a hint of wine..

  7. @Peonies and water lilies: Thanks! I'm liking the Blood Red lipstick too xx

  8. @FabDiva20: Thanks!! Altho I probably won't really wear it out hahaxx Will you?♥

  9. @xppinkx: yeaah~! I am excited, but I doubt I'll be purchasing much from that collection. Black lips look really fun, but a bit too bold for me. I'm really happy you've visited my blog! Thanks pink~!xxx

  10. @Cristina BarbieLuvsMac: Yea I kno~! Black lips... *sigh* Thanks for saying I could pull them off non-gothy; but with my curly hair, I'm reminded of one of the earlier villains from the Power Rangers ha! :p

  11. @Deborah Jones: Thank you! I'd love to see you trying out the black lips too xx

  12. @♥akisa♥: Thanks for liking my swatch! I wasn't even using a lip liner, its Urban Decay's black pencil EYE liner. Do you think I should purchase the black one coming out later from MAC?..

  13. I really love your smokey eye and I love how the dark lips came out.

  14. You rock all 3 versions, they look fantastic! I won´t be joining in on the black lip fun, I think it´ll look terrible on me! But if I ever do need to, for some reason, I´ll def be using a black liner. I have Zero, and it rocks!

  15. @marce- that's great to hear! Zero's the creamiest eyeliner I've ever tried.oh if u ever decide to post ur look with black lips, give me a shout so I can check ur look out! :)

  16. I love the smokey eyes and the pop of pink lips is surprising but gorgeous!

  17. @The Shades of U- thank you aileen!

  18. gorgeous look! Simple and smokey my favorite!great blog! Please check out my fashion and lifestyle blog www.andeelayne.blogspot.com please follow mine as I will yours! xo

  19. @Andee Layne- Thanks for the invite to your blog! But why do you keep mentioning 'Please check out my fashion and lifestyle blog www.andeelayne.blogspot.com please follow mine as I will yours! xo' after each of your comments?..


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