Lip Swatch: MAC DSquared2 Blood Red lipstick

This is a lip swatch of MAC x DSquared2's Blood Red lipstick. As you can see, it isn't red! More berry-toned.

Its a great lipstick for the fall. I'm probably going to wear this often! I can see this would look great with simple black winged out eyeliner. :) Maybe I'll try that in one of my next looks!

There you go girls. I hope this swatch helps! ♥

Will you be purchasing Blood Red lipstick when its out in your MAC store?


  1. lovely color.. :)

    im more of a neutral gal but i think this is wearable for me.. :)

    hope we'll have this one here in MNL soon.. :)

    thanks for the swatch.. love ur blog..

  2. Yes I think I might just have to pick this up along with Nude Rose - they both look lovely. Thanks for the swatches... most helpful although my bank care might not agree!x

  3. I was expecting something really vampy with the name, but the color is so Barbie!

  4. this is such a beautiful swatch. I think i have told you this before, but you really have gorgeous lips.

    I would love to see a look from you using this lippie.

  5. Glad to know you all like it! I'm pretty happy with this lipstick. Awesome for the fall! And no regrets buying it :)

  6. @Citrine- Thats true, I was expecting something more vampy too. But I'm still happy with this shade though x

  7. @Becky- Thanks! And yes, I will be doing a look with this lipstick soon ♥


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