I'm Back from Taiwan! and a Gift from my Sweet Friend, Selene!

I just got back home from my trip to Taiwan, and I must say I do miss it. Wish I stayed longer to get more of sight-seeing and the night markets lol. But all good things come to an end, which usually open to new beginnings of other good things - Right now, I'm spending more time with the rest of my family. Its best to count your blessings right? Rather than look at the negatives. =)

The trip was really long. My mum and I rode 2 airplanes in 1 day. 1 from Taiwan to Manila, and another from Manila to Davao City.

When I got back home, I was pleasantly surprised - my letter from one of my very good friends, Selene, finally arrived!! You can find her on her life blog HERE.

I have been waiting for this for the longest time. It was supposed to arrive within one week after my birthday, but it took a month longer! I eagerly opened it up. Here's what was inside!

I read her letter carefully, and made me miss her sooo much more. I wished the same things she did, that we could hang out as easily as before. But we're half the world apart now. At least the cyberspace lets us continue communicating.

Here's a close up of the spoon she got me! Its sooo cute! I'll definitely use this when I make hot choco. ♥

To my dear friend:
Thanks Selene for your letter and this uber-cute spoon. I really really miss you. I wish we could hang out again as before. We should really go on trips together when we're older... wish I could go to Taiwan with you! ♥

I did some more shopping in Taiwan, but I haven't had much time to write about it, though I'll blog about it soon!

How was your day? ♥


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