Elianto Nude Purple Pearl Nail Polish

This is the nail polish I've been using lately; its Elianto's Nude Purple Pearl. I mentioned it in my previous post on the products I've been using on August '09.

Elianto's Nude Purple Pearl nail polish is a very metallic, slightly mauve pinkish colour with very fine silver glitters. This reminds me of one of MAC's frost lipsticks from the Colour Craft collection last July, the name escapes me at the moment. Its a very wearable colour, not too bright and looks good with just about anything! Subtle and sophisticated.

Elianto is a
Malaysian cosmetics brand *thanks Blair!!*. I've seen Elianto products sold in Manila and Cebu, but not in my hometown Davao City, Philippines.

What is your favourite nail polish at the moment? ♥


  1. I love Elianto's nail polishes! Seeing them lined up on the shelves in their yummy colors cheer me up :D I recently got one in Turquoise and it's now one of my faves :)

  2. This colour is so girly and cute! I like it. I wonder what it looks like layered over other colours? BTW, your layout is lovely, I love those strawberries! I'm following you, come visit and follow my blog! =)

  3. @krissy- yeah! They look totally delicious. I think I know which turquoise one you're talking about!! I bought that one a while ago and I love it too. Great for the hot summery weather! x

  4. @Marce- Welcome to my blog! Glad you're enjoying it. Hmm, layering this nail polish is an interesting thought. :) Thanks! x

  5. Hello Livia!

    Elianto is a Malaysian brand with an Italian name hahaa

    I've never seen this colour before! It looks so pretty!!!

  6. @Blair- Ooohh, is it?? I never thought it'd be Malaysian with the korean writing on it! :)

  7. it such a pretty color. I like the pretty glitters in it.


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