I was at Superdrug looking for tweezers when I came across this brush. I was intrigued since I never knew Revlon made brushes, and then I see a whole lot of them at Superdrug! The packaging boasts professional quality, so then I thought, since I didn't have a blending brush as small as this one yet, why not check it out?

And I have no regrets. The quality is as amazing as it states. It is comparable to my MAC ones. The bristles are soft yet firm, and return to its original formation when after bending the bristles. On washing it the first time, I have not seen any hair fall-outs from the brush.

This brush is dome-shaped, and the bristles are probably about 2/3's the length of the bristles of the MAC 224 brush. The bristles are black like the 224. The handle, however, is a bit longer than the average MAC eye makeup brush.

Here's a photo comparison between the bristles of the Revlon contour shadow brush vs. the MAC 224 brush:

At the moment, I mainly use it to blend darker eyeshadows in the crease and to create a well blended 'outer V'. For a good diagram for eyeshadow placements, check out Vanessa's diagram here.

I'm loving my first high quality brush from Revlon, and I'd love to try out their other makeup brushes!

Have you tried out any Revlon makeup brushes? ♥
What do you think of the Revlon Contour Shadow Brush?


Revlon Contour Shadow Brush

I think a bright coloured lip is a great way to dress up your makeup even on lazy days, which is what I did last friday when I couldn't be bothered to do eye makeup~! I bought this lipstick back when I was in Taiwan 3 weeks ago, but its the first time I've used it in this look. And I love it~! Such a fantastic matte red!

What I used~

MAC Mineralized Skin Finish Natural in Medium + Medium Dark
MAC Pink Swoon blush

Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Zero - to lower lashline only
TheBalm Two-Timing Mascara

my lip balm
MAC Russian Red lipstick *love!!* this is the purrfect red. You all should try this~!

SOOooo... what do you think?
I find my wavy/curly hair pretty much goes well with the look,
don't you think so~? ♥

Oh, and have u tried MAC's Russian Red lipstick?.. Coz if you haven't... you better~! just make sure you moisturise your lips well beforehand with a good lip balm or some petroleum jelly since the matte texture is a bit drying xx

*On another note, I've been exploring camera settings, and I found a way to make myself un-yellow in the photos! I just turned off the Auto-White Balance setting lol. So this is what my normal NC25 skin looks like... haha ♥*

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Colour Crafted lipstick from MAC's Colour Craft Collection July-August 09 on NC30 skin:

Would you wear this shade?♥


Lip Swatch: MAC Colour Craft Lipstick in Made with Love

Colour Crafted lipstick from MAC's Colour Craft Collection July-August 09 on NC30 skin:

A pretty bright bubblegum-pink.

Do you like? ;)

Lip Swatch: MAC Colour Craft Lipstick in Colour Crafted

I know this post is a little late since MAC's Colour Craft collection was launched last July-August 09. But it could still be useful when these gorgeous products hit your Cosmetics Company Outlet, or in case you might want to purchase the products from eBay.

I'm so happy with these, they're really super pretty. I have the mineralized eyeshadow quads in Natural Flare and Girlish Romp. Natural Flare is hot and sexy with its neutrals, and Girlish Romp is what its name states, really girly but still fun and sexy at the same time. Both quads are have really shimmery shades, and I love that. ♥

Now for the lipsticks, I got Colour Crafted and Made With Love. Both are just gorgeous. Colour Crafted is a bright pink which is a little on the cool side, but it's really pretty applied light and spread with a clear lipgloss or lip balm. Yum~! Made With Love is a gorgeous pinky-orange colour. Reminds me of Flowerplay lipstick, which was limited edition, also by MAC. ♥

So, did you buy any of these products when they were first released?
I'll be posting lip swatches in a bit. Stay tuned ♥


MAC Colour Craft Haul & Swatches

Here's the look I made using my version of the Tone:Grey eyeshadow quad from MAC's Trend F/W collection, made from the existing shadows in my makeup stash. This is my first look using my new Canon 110IS ixus, and I'm still uncomfortable with it. But anyway, a look's a look. Hope you enjoy this! ♥

I used...

MAC Soft Ochre paint pot
Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Zero
TheBalm Two-Timing Mascara
Livia's Tone: Grey quad dupe

MAC eyeshadows in: White Frost (brow highlight), Howzat (lid), Blue Flame (lower lash line), Stately Black (crease)

MAC Mineralized Skin Finish Natural in Medium Dark
MAC Pink Swoon blush

MAC Naked Space lipglass

I was thinking of adding black eyeliner on top and false lashes, but I just couldn't be bothered in the end.

What do you think? ♥
And how do you like my black contact lenses? Do you prefer this or brighter coloured ones?? xx


LOOK: Greys and Blues with Nude Lips

Hey guys!

Its been ages since my last post. That's because I've been busy with moving to my new place in London, and now I live just a 5-minute walk from Oxford Street! Incase you aren't familiar with the place, its the main shopping street in London. So its great. Hahaha.. Aside from that, I've also started university this week, which isn't so great. I miss the summer holidays :( I miss my family back home in the Philippines :(

I've also been trying to make new posts, but I'm having trouble adjusting to my new camera. I've been united with my Canon 110IS ixus which I have bought over the summer from amazon.

I know Canon's an amazing brand for cameras, but I miss my old sony one. *since I'm having some trouble with this new one*

I gave my old Sony camera to my sister for her 15th birthday since she's been eye-ing it ever since I told her I'm getting a new one. I don't regret giving it to her though. I'm happy she's happy.

But the thing is... with my new Canon camera.. well... I just look so yellow in the photos!!! I need help. I'm still playing with the settings. If you know the right settings to take photos for looks, etc, please share. I'd greatly appreciate it. ♥

Anyway, I have a new look in line for my next post. As well as some shopping I've done since I got here. :)

Well, thanks for dropping by my lovelies~! ♥

Update~! And New Camera ♥

Black is a way of life, says MAC. Black is definitely one of the biggest trends this fall. Black for eyes, black for lips... and in this look I've done both. Inspired by the upcoming MAC collections DSquared2 and Style Black, I've created these looks. One eye look matched with two different lip colours. Pink berry lips, and black lips. For girls who have been wanting to see a look using MAC DSquared2 lipstick in Blood Red, this is for you! xx

I used the following...

MAC Studio Sculpt foundation in NC25
MAC Moisturecover concealer in NC30
MAC MSF Natural in Medium + Medium Dark
MAC Pink Swoon blush

MAC Lingering brow pencil
MAC Soft Ochre Paint pot
Urban Decay 24/7 Liner in Zero - base + liner
MAC eyeshadows in Black Tied + Creme de Miel
TheBalm Two-Timer mascara
No name falsies

LIP #1: MAC DSquared2 lipstick in Blood Red

LIP #2: Matte Black with Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Zero

- Maybe, I should have put on Blacktrack fluidline instead or as a base, that might have given more even coverage.

LIP #3: Zero + Victoria Secret Sweet Talk gold shimmery lipgloss mixed with Black Glitter from craft store *National Book Store*

*Phew* I think those pictures with black lips were quite intense, so I'd like to end this roll of pictures with a photo wearing berry Blood Red lips again~~ :

I love that this rich shade of pink can be worn with dark eyes, without it being too overwhelming :)

I've been contemplating getting the black cremesheen lipstick that's coming out in the Style Black collection for purely collector's purposes, and then I thought I might not actually wear it much... or even at all, which is why I tried using my uber soft Urban Decay pencil liner to line and fill black lip, and I think I'm satisfied. Trends come and go so quickly, so keeping that in mind, the black lip trend probably will not last long, and it would be a waste buying a black lipstick you wouldn't be using much. So if you'd like to try a black lip and you know you would hardly wear it more than once, I suggest you try using your black pencil liner instead of buying a new tube of lipstick to save money!. Urban Decay liners are the softest I've tried so I recommend you using that. Try it try it try it!!

As for this look, I personally think its a bit to gothy/emo-ey for my taste. My mum loved my eye makeup, but when I switched lip colours to #2, she kept going 'eeeeep' every time she passed by me wearing the black lips. My brother has been teasing me emo lol. My sis thinks it looks cool though, but most appropriate for Halloween.

What do you guys think? Can I rock the black lips or not?

Will you be jumping on the Black lip bandwagon this season?? ♥

PS. I'll be leaving back for the UK later today! I feel really sad leaving home, but I also look forward to seeing my UK friends and bf again. I'll likely be busy for the first few days when I get back, so I hope this post was interesting enough to tide you over for now ^^

Thanks for visiting my blog~! ♥


LOOK: Dark Eyes and Black Lips

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