REVIEW: Neutrogena Mineral Sheers Foundation

My skin likes Neutrogena products since they seem great for my sensitive skin and don't cause me break-outs. Neutrogena Mineral Sheers Foundation was no exception.

According to Neutrogena:
Mineral Sheers Powder Foundation is pure and gentle and goes on easily for a healthy, natural look.

Neutrogena Mineral Sheers powder foundation is made of dermatologist - selected minerals that go on effortlessly to feel weightless on your skin. The mineral formula has a soft powdery texture and offers a more natural radiant look vs. the more flat, matte look and feel of many traditional cosmetics.

Get beautiful natural-looking coverage that builds up to the level you desire with more strokes of the brush.

* Oil-free
* Fragrance-free
* Available in bronzer in 4 sheer shades
* 0.18oz

In my opinion, the product does exactly what it claims: Feels weightless and gives that natural radiant glow. The powder is great for warm climates and it holds up pretty well.

However, the only con I find is that it isn't really buildable 'to the level you desire with more strokes of the brush' without looking too powdery and unnatural. The powder is also 'sheer' hence its name, so I wouldn't recommend this product to those who require heavier foundation coverage.

Regarding the ease of use, I had no difficulties with this product. You just have to read the instructions:

Remove the cap. Push down the plastic cover to open it. Shake the item till you see powder on the brush. Apply on face (I use circular slightly 'buffing' motions). Replace plastic cover, and then put cap back on.

To put it simply:

* Oil-free and Non-comedogenic (will not cause pimples, for me at least)
* Gives a natural glow
* Fragrance-free - good for sensitive skins
* Comes in a variety of shades (I use Medium to Tan)
* Pretty affordable, drugstore product

* Sheer coverage
* Would look too powdery if you tried to build it a lot
* Brush a bit scratchy, but bear-able.

I haven't been putting a lot of makeup on in the last few weeks, aiming to perfect my skin. So my skin is relatively good right now so the sheer coverage was alright for me. Using this product did not give me any problems, so I look forward to using this for every day when I feel like putting makeup on.

Have any of you tried this? Neutrogena products - Nay or Yay? ♥


  1. I don't really like neutrogena, but I am super loyal to Annabelle, because I love everything about them!

  2. Luinae, I haven't tried any products from Annabelle yet. What's your most favourite product from their line?


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