New Blog Look!

I got bored with my old layout again, and decided to design another one. I had fun making this... And the colours are sooo me. Pink, White and Gold! :)

I think I'll be content with my layout for a while, might edit it a bit every now and then
... and the strawberries ♥ I love!

Comment if you like my new layout! Otherwise, I'd still love to know what you think. ;)


  1. I really like the new header, but you may want to clean up the sidebars and get rid of the followers thing up top. They can be sort of distracting while I am reading.

    Hope this helps!

  2. Wow! very pretty new design! :)

  3. I like the banner better~ coz sometimes I get embarrassed having manga art on my work computer, haha..

  4. @Luinae: Thanks for the advice! I'll see what I can do :)

    @Sugar: Thank you dear ♥

  5. I love your new layout!! So cute!!

  6. Hey how do you make your layouts?

    I <3 reading your blog, and you're a fellow Londoner!x

  7. I like it :) i especially like the colors. Its such a princess color.

  8. cute layout! :)
    I wish I knew how to do this HTML stuff.. my blog is so boring hahaha

  9. THanks everyone for the support! I really appreciate it xx

    @MediterraneanX Actually, the layout isn't original. I chose the 3-column layout to begin with and tried to decipher the html code. So with changing a few things, I ended up with this! :) Whereabouts in london are you?

  10. Hey just seen this sorry - ah HTML is a whole other world to me! I'm in Enfield, north east, how about you? x


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