LOOK: Smokey Bronze and Baby Pink Lips

Second time trying out my false lashes! Really simple look with warm bronzes and pale pinks. The falsies were the toughest bits! I need to watch more youtube videos hehe. Any tips you can share for applying false lashes?

I used:

MAC Soft Ochre paint pot
MAC Bronze and Naked Lunch eyeshadows
Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Zero
Cover Girl Lash Blast mascara
Cheap False Lashes

No overall foundation/face powder
Neutrogena Mineral Sheers Foundation to contour
MAC Pink Swoon blush

MAC Plink! lipstick

Don't be fooled by the dewyness! Its not highlight.. lol. It was quite warm today. Well, relatively since it really IS warm in the Philippines. And I didn't use any all over face powder or foundation today... except the products on the cheeks. Oh, and if you noticed, I finally got my brows reshaped! I think my month wait of re-growing my eyebrows was worth it. =)

Hope you liked this look! ♥


  1. You look soooo pretty without foundation!
    However, I think I would have worn a brighter lip for this look. It makes the bottom part of your face look kinda washed out.
    Great job applying the falsies!

  2. Thank you so much Luinae! I wanted really pale pinkish lips to match my cheeks with this look since I wanted most of the attention on the eyes x

  3. you have a lovely blog! visit my page sometime and follow if you like it ;-)

  4. wow I love this look! especially the plink! and pink swoon

    pink swoon's been sitting in my shopping cart on the MAC website for the longest time, but I think I'm finally giving into temptation! it looks amazing on you

  5. your skin is beautiful and i love your looks. i really want to get pink swoon because of you <3

  6. Thanks guys!

    @kidbarbie & C. - Pink Swoon's probably one of my most favourite blushes. It doesn't have any shimmers, and looks like a natural flush - at least on me. I really recommend you to buy it sometime. It is permanent though so no rush :)

  7. @kidbarbie: My dad bought me Plink! lipstick, haha. Its one of my favourites too. Great on-the-go 'nude' lip colour, a lustre finish too so its really moisturising. :)

  8. youre not wearing any foundation? damnyour skin is very nice.

    i love this look. the eye shadows you used are pretty.

    i used to have trouble with false lashes application. before, i used to wait for the glue to get real tacky and i have to be precise one i place it on my lashline. the problem is i cant really makes mistakes because the glue sticks right away.

    what i do now, after i put glue on the strip, i only wait for 5 sec then i apply it right away. that way, i have time to fix the lashes and press it really close to the lash line. then i let it dry. it works for me.

    eve pearl and kandee the makeup artist has really good tips on their youtube videos :)

  9. @Cristina: Thank you ^_^

    @Becky: Thanks for the tips! I'll search for those eve pearl and kandee videos on youtube.. :3

  10. lovvve ittt
    Your skin is perfectionn!
    x x x

  11. Thank you Emma! I'm trying out new products and a new skin care routine now... and I'm loving it :)

  12. thats a very cute look, i like it!


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