Haul and Falsie Look!

I went on a shopping trip today, mostly for grooming essentials: tweezers and new rubber cushions for my eyelash curler. I've also been envious of girls online wearing false eyelashes since I've never worn them before, so I decided to get some of those too!

At the end of this post I have pics trying on my falsies, I got so excited! Lol. Its my first time wearing them :3

On to My HAUL!!

False Lashes, Pack of 4 Eyelash Curler Bands (they had PINK!), 3 Pairs of Tweezers

I was so surprised to find these tweezers. They immediately caught my eye! So cute. Prints of girls on the tweezers, with their backs on the other side! I'm keeping the peachy pink one in the middle, and giving the blue one to my sis and the pink one to my mum. :)

So that's my haul! I'm surprised at how cheap these were altogether. Part of what makes me miss the Philippines when I'm in the expensive UK! I'm loving my false lashes, I'm gonna stock up on them :)

Now, onto the pics!!! ♥

I really like these ones as they make my lashes look a lot fuller but not too fake. On my cheeks I am wearing MAC's On A Mission blush, and on my lips I have MAC Possum Nose Pink lipglass.

Do these falsies suit me? :) How often do you wear false eyelashes?? ♥


  1. The falsies really suit you, particurly in the first photo. I save mine for special occasion and times when I want to feel really awesome.

  2. you look sooo cute with those falsies! :))

  3. i really like the falsies on you, it looks stunning! I cant seem to get them on properly and need to practice some more lol.

    love the new layout too, very chic <3

  4. Thanks everyone! I took ages trying to put these on coz even with glue, the lashes kept coming off. Weird.. I think I should just use more glue. :3

  5. the false lashes looks really nice on you. I only use false lashes when im going out at night or if im doing a look.

    how much did you get them for?

  6. @Becky - The false lashes were amazingly cheap, well the ones with the Korean(?) writing were atleast. Each pair was P30. The ones in the fancy black case were more expensive though, for P200.


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