Fall '09 Makeup Art Cosmetics Collection Face Charts

MAC's Makeup Art Cosmetics collection for Fall 2009 is already out in the US. I have just viewed the face charts for this collection, and I just love them! Most of them are quite wearable, and yet, full of colour. These are my top three favourites among the face charts!

1. Maira's Magic - Sweet and girly pinks ♥

2. Fresh Approach - Sultry greens! mmmm... :)

3. Haunting - I love the bright colours! Doubt I'll ever have the courage to wear them outside my house though. :3
I am eye-ing the Photorealism quad. Haunting and Maira's Mood eyeshadows seem to be calling me too, however I admit I probably have enough pink eyeshadows to last me a few years and I probably won't wear the bright blue Haunting much. But still, they look pretty :3

Have you bought anything from this collection? Is there anything from this collection that you feel you MUST have? ♥


  1. I love the Maira's Magic look, but I can recreate it with this fabulous Annabelle pigment dust in golden pink.

    Annabelle is a canada only brand, but if you can get your hands on it, it is totally worth it! They are frequently compared to MAC products, but I've never used MAC before (it's kinda expensive were I love) so you'd have to see for yourself.

  2. So far I ordered Photorealism Quad and Push the Edge pigment. This collection is awesome! I'm going to get more from this collection!

  3. @ Luinae I'm sure I can also do a look similar to the Maira's Magic one with eyeshadows I currently own. Annabelle makeup's intriguing me though :)

    @FabDiva20 I'm liking a lot of the stuff from this new MAC collection! Although I think several of the eyeshadows can be duped.. and those that can't, well, I probably won't be able to wear much. :3 Hope I save some bucks with this collection!


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