MAC Makeup Art Cosmetics Collection Swatches for Aug 09

Front Lit, Full Body, Hold the Pose, Lovin' It lipsticks

Here are swatches of some of the products from MAC's upcoming Makeup Art Cosmetics Collection for August 2009! All credit goes to the lovely erine1881 of specktra.net of course. :)

Personal Taste, Young Thing, On Display, New Spirit lipglasses

Notoriety eyeshadow quad

Photo Realism eyeshadow quad

In the Gallery eyeshadow quad

Crest the Wave, Haunting, Purple Shower eyeshadows

Violet Trance, Off the Page (vs Fab & Flashy), Maira's Magic eyeshadows

Artistic License, Full of Fuchsia, Colour Matters, Obviously Orange technakohl liners

Notable, The Perfect Cheek blushes

Are you looking forward to this collection? I'm liking the looks of Personal Taste lipglass, Haunting eyeshadow and Notoriety quad the best. :)


  1. the 'hold the pose' colour is the best in my opinion :D


  2. Thanks sherp!! You make me feel special ♥


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