A few examples...

Lipsticks - £11 to £12
Lipglasses - £10.25 to £11.50
Eyeshadows - £9.75 to £11
Blush - £14 to £16

DAZZLEGLASS - £12 to £14 -- what I think is the most ridiculous of all! A lot less product than a normal lipglass!

I noticed a few days ago that MAC COSMETICS in the UK have increased their prices AGAIN (they already have sometime earlier this year)! I must say this was totally unexpected, and this leaves me a bit gutted.

I have been letting off getting a few products for ages, since I always thought I could get them later anyway - especially the ones in the permanent line. I've also been looking forward to the possibilities of getting stuff from the Color Craft line, which wasn't available until AFTER the increase!

I must say this is really ridiculous. MAC Cosmetics UK prices are a bit high already, eg. compared to MAC Cosmetics in the US, but why do they further increase their prices when MAC USA doesn't?

I really don't get it... Do they expect people to spend more on cosmetics in this time of crisis? But no... that's not the only possible outcome of this move.

This price increase has slapped me awake to reality that MAC IS an expensive brand. Although I do love it and their products have amazing quality, I still can't deny that fact. I realize I've been spending much money on what is JUST makeup, so hopefully this price increase will deter me from making more purchases, and encourage me to SHOP MY STASH! That way I can save more money for the more important things later on, and still be able to create looks my goodies won't go neglected. I hope other people would see it that way too. =)

... either that or I buy my MAC elsewhere instead of MAC UK like in the US, or get them from the Duty Free shops. :)

What do you feel about this price increase? Share your thoughts!


  1. i dont like the increase either!! the eyeshadow pans are almost as much as what the orignal eyehadows with the packageing! so im going to have to buy them all in pan form if i buy any! ebay for me i think

    Jodie x

  2. @Jodie definitely!! I was happy that they started selling pans on the site, but not with that higher price! This really is ridiculous... thanks for reminding me of eBay :) x

  3. its so shocking, sometimes u have to take a look at how much in reality that is, 1 msf and a dazzleglass is pretty much my water bill for the month! and its just makeup its mad really.
    Which is why I have started my blog sale to sell on what I no longer use or have never used to save towards things I want. I am trying to cut down on what I buy.. trying anyway lol

    love your blog :)

  4. Very annoyed by this.. It's putting me off A LOT! :(

  5. @Lizzclare I totally agree. It is JUST makeup. But.. the temptation's difficult to resist! Good for you for selling the stuff you don't need; they'll be happy in someone else's hands, while you would be happy getting the new things you want! :)

  6. @Shortiee31 It's really frustrating. I wonder if they're ever gonna lower the prices in the next few years.. Highly doubt it. Just hoping though :(


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